New Moon Transmission ☽ ☾ Nov 29, 2016


Below is an energy transmission from my guides. Please read the words slowly, and simply take what resonates. An audio recording is available below for those who wish to go deeper into this channeled work.


"On this new moon take the opportunity to step further towards who you feel you are. What does this mean? What parts of you want to be seen? What parts of you long for approval or recognition? Take a moment to appreciate them. To see them as worth consideration as they are. See yourself as able to give this consideration to yourself. Otherwise, you will continually seeking it from outside of yourself which displaces your ability and power from your creative centre.

Deep breath in and out.

On this new moon, a time of vigilance, of quietness, of reflection and of sprouting new wishes for the coming months, periods, weeks, let yourself feel who you are. What is one thing that makes you feel expanded and connected? Perhaps its a walk in the brisk air, a meal cooked with love, shared sacred space with others who listen to you truly, without needing to analyze you, such as the space the vehicle holds for the women. Commit to doing this for yourself, if you so wish, twice this week. Committing to that which nourishes you. And once you’ve done, take the time to acknowledge that you have taken a moment to care for yourself. In this way, you are deepening the vibration of care in your life. How wonderful! Which keeps you anchored in your being and in a greater position of ability to create that which you wish to call in, for your needs have been met beloveds.

Pray for others that their needs will be met by the warmth available within their hearts, their souls, their beings. And as the warmth increases within each being, it increases in the world. And acceptance becomes the new norm."

Audio File

Listening Guidance

Before listening, please read the following instructions.

In this type of channeling, my guides speak through me. Guides can also be thought of as a consciousness wave, being accessed through words, to bring understanding, clarity and evolution. When the words come through, please note that my voice shifts to a British-like accent. Why? There is an energetic frequency that heals embedded in both the words themselves and how they are said. You can think of it as containing healing sounds for the body and words for the mind. 

When listening, please stay relaxed and let your body absorb the words. Stay focused on your breath, and watch for the following:

  •  If your mind starts to wander, wondering "why is there an accent?" or "what does that mean?", simply notice it's doing that. Then, bring your attention back to your breath.
  • If your body wants to sleep, let it sleep.
  • Trust that the words will go in at whatever level your body is ready for!

Happy New Moon and Blessed Day!


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