HOrse Medicine

Horses teach us a lot about ourselves through their way of being. They get people connected and grounded in their bodies and hearts which is powerful healing.
— Dr. Mark Hyman, MD
Horse Medicine is a useful tool to maximize your potential.
— Amy Millar, Olympic Show Jumping Rider
Shelly is truly gifted. The benefits of one session carried forward to make me feel grounded and in tune with my emotions. She has a calmness that allows you to take a step back from all the craziness that life has to offer and really focus on yourself. Her use of horse healing is a unique feature within her practice that I highly recommend.
— Nicole Walker, Canadian Show Jumping Champion 2018
Shelly Burton came into my life when I was unable to ignore a pain in my heart, and a voice in my head that was asking me to do more, be better, and to stop denying the dreams and desires I have held quietly and timidly inside me. Shelly and the healing work she is facilitating with her incredible horse Rosa, have helped me remember who I am in a way that I have deeply denied, in a society that asks us to be small and critical.

Where I am scared, Rosa is steadfast and strong. Where I am unkind to myself, Shelly offers unconditional love. To return to such an ancient connection to the earth, and share space with such a magnificent animal is to remember all at once what it’s really like to be alive, and it’s so powerful and perfect.
— Katie Hicks
A day with Shelly and the horses takes you to a whole new level of understanding yourself and your connection to others. Shelly’s guidance, intuition and channeling create a unique form of teaching, along with the extreme sensitivity of our equine friends. You will leave with new insights and a bit of ‘awe’.
— Dr. Joe Goodman
I have never had such a profound movement of energy in one sitting - I am awed by the silent power of horses to know, mirror and invite healing. What a sacred blessing and honour to share space with them and come back to myself. My gratitude is immense.
— Amy Douglas
The Horse Medicine Journey is one of the most beautiful experiences my heart has ever felt. The horses are Wise Ones and guided me to enter deep into my heart space so I can connect with theirs. They became my compass, guiding me to understand emotionally where my thoughts of who I AM are in relation to energetically what my body is emitting. Through the loving, compassionate support and guidance of Shelly Burton, I shifted my awareness and focus, and unified the two into alignment. Shelly is the midwife to helping us birth this reawakening and connection to the animal kingdom. Her graceful and kindness made me feel safe and deeply supported. I feel such immense gratitude and appreciation to Shelly for this deep spiritual awareness and growth. She truly is a Medicine Woman and Healer.
— Maida Hye
I recently experienced an equine therapy session with Caspar (the horse) and Shelly Burton. The experience has not left me since that day. I have been deeply touched by what the horse taught me about being in my power, yet also knowing how to be vulnerable and soft. Caspar is a very big and strong horse who literally had steam coming off his body as he moved around the paddock; then to my surprise, he took all of his strength and dropped down on his back and rolled around like an innocent puppy. It was a sight to behold and so relative to what I am working through on a personal level.
The session would not have been so powerful without Shelly’s presence and guidance. She was so attuned to me and to Caspar. She was able to help me feel safe and also helped me understand the communication that was happening.
I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in their personal development.
Thank you Caspar! Thank you Shelly!
— Dr. Jesse Hanson
Letting go of things I’ve been carrying a long time and not realizing how heavy and tiring that was. Catching my breath and looking around with a fresh and unburdened or less burdened heart. Big sigh!
— Jacqueline Cardinal
I highly recommend the horse medicine experience with Shelly Burton. It was an amazing experience! The horses with Shelly’s facilitation allowed me to see the mirror of myself. Helped to identify and treat blocks that interfere with staying grounded and owning my true self. Shelly has a natural gift-her deep connection with horses and intuition made this experience unforgettable.
— Lindsay Dixon
Shelly facilitated a beautiful day of nurturing body, mind, heart, and spirit. The horses were wise and generous. Shelly creates a safe space and senses what each being needs. I left feeling lighter and more grounded. I certainly recommend this unique combination of healing modalities.
— T. Kelly
Dear Shelly, I just want to thank you for yesterday. What a beautifully magical day. A day that has added to my personal and spiritual growth, that helped me to feel more a part of something greater.

It was also a special experience to be witness to other people’s stories and to see the “lights” go on in them, I’m not normally a “group setting” type of person, but I see the value in group work more than ever now.

It was especially inspiring to hear your story and be witness to your power and dream coming together. I’m Grateful that all these horses have found their way back to you and that you have found your calling and are working to making all this happen.

The whole thing is truly magical and inspiring. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! to you and to Rahul for sharing your gifts and wisdom. Big hugs, much love and thank you to your beautiful herd for sharing their space, hearts and wisdom with us all.
My heart feels full today.

Im look forward to learning and working with you in the future.
Much love and gratitude xo
— Pat C.
I’ve had the opportunity to go to a workshop with horses with Shelly and it was unreal. She is great at creating and holding space for individuals to allow their heart to open and realize their true knowing. She is doing an amazing job bridging the connection between horses and humans to create beautiful possibilities for their coexistence.
— Michelle Muller
Healing with horses is an experience like no other. Their gentle nature, kindness and honesty is truly a blessed gift to receive. Shelly is wonderful and holds a very special gift of healing.
— Michelle S.

Private sessions

I’ve had many spiritual, energy healing sessions in the past with various practitioners in the city of Toronto, but my experience with Shelly tops them all. I booked my private sessions to resolve or let go of a previous relationship and figure out how to move on. I had so many questions and was hoping to find answers from my guides because I felt a big change was about to happen. I never imagined that I had the answers and resolutions to my own questions and problems all along. It took some deep searching into my consciousness, but what I was able to take away from my sessions gave me the power to make real changes in my life in order to move forward. These changes were in areas of my life that I did not realize had anything to do with my previous relationship. I felt my mental restrictions fall away and a sense of relief and joy has replaced my depression. Thanks to Shelly’s sophisticated craft and compassionate demeanour, I’m currently working towards creating a better life for myself that is more aligned with my soul and, I never thought I would have to say this, but I’m learning to love myself.
— Indie
Being an energy healer myself I was excited about my session with Shelly. Amazing and totally supported is how I felt. Shelly is intuitive, compassionate and “spot on” when it came to focusing, clearing and facilitating a deep family pattern that I had been carrying my whole life. A day later I’m more balanced than I have ever been. Thank you Shelly you have a profound gift.
— Shayne Bennett
Shelly is beyond beautiful, gifted, and compassionate. Her abilities are limitless and she champions your healing and growth in such a loving and supportive way. I would highly recommend session work with Shelly to deeply clear old pain and patterns, and start to understand the deepest parts of yourself to unlock your potential to live and love to your fullest.
— Katie Hicks
Shelly helped me “wake up”.

I felt like I was growing before seeing Shelly. I had been mediating, journaling and doing yoga on a regular basis, and felt a little more at peace compared to how I felt in the later half of 2018. I still couldn’t completely shake off the “fuzz” that blurred my vision, and the beliefs I held about myself.

I had a vague idea of what kind of woman I wanted to be, but felt so insecure. I couldn’t connect with my inner Goddess. I felt too afraid of exposing my vulnerabilities. I felt like my past traumas made me weak. I didn’t feel my power - both professionally, and sexually.

It was so easy to fall back into old habits, and underestimate myself.

It was so easy to listen to the voice inside my head, and think I wasn’t worthy.

It was so easy to think that my boyfriend was better than me, and that I couldn’t please him (even after being together for 5 and a half years).

Until I started working with Shelly.

During my first session, I cried. Shelly did some shadow work and helped me clear some past traumas, and helped me talk to my past self - the girl who was going through those hard times, and had a hard time forgiving herself. During that session, she helped me find my power, which I didn’t realize until I got home and wrote a letter to myself. It was the kind of writing where there was no logic. I opened my computer, and my fingers typed away. She helped me bring my personal power to light.

In my second session, we did some work in my hips. She helped me wake up the sexual Goddess that lives within me, but that I had dismissed due to a slightly negative relationship with sex, that was created due to terrible and unwelcome experiences, a lack of belief in myself, and the beliefs that society “imposed” on me growing up - i.e. if I had sex, I was deemed a slut; if I had sex, I might get pregnant, and that’s bad. While I didn’t believe those ideas, they were repeated so often as I was growing up, that my subconscious attached itself to them, and that dimmed my Goddess.

Until Shelly helped clear that energy, and continued to remind me how powerful I am.

During my third and last session with Shelly, I felt...amazing. We spent the first half hour clearing up my vision for my purpose. Then she deemed I was graduated, and refunded me the remaining time, which was unreal.

I love Shelly. She’s one of the kindest spirits I have met in my entire life, and helped me come such a long way (in just 3 sessions, which I can’t believe). I can’t recommend her enough. She is so worth the investment in yourself, and will help you come such a long way.
— MC Littlejohn
Shelly is a strong and gentle force of nature, an intuitive, like grandmother moon. She is a natural healer and medicine woman that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. After my one hour session with her, what occurred over the course of the next week shifted the focus of my life, realigning my heart, purpose and values. I’ve attended many of her women circles and always return home feeling more grounded and connected, to my higher purpose. I love you sweet sister, so grateful to know you! ❤️
— Shannon Glashan
I am someone who is no stranger to talk therapy, but I was looking for a new approach to healing when my yoga studio introduced my to Shelly. Sessions are transformative and productive and are guided by her intuitive and sensitive nature to core issues. This means there is less time “explaining” and more time healing and reorganizing. I am so grateful for Shelly in my life, what a blessing.
— Chloe
In my last 2 sessions with Shelly I have shifted so much. I feel lighter, more aware and have been busy taking action with my business which I’ve been really stuck with. It’s like the fear has just vanished and I can’t wait to get started! Thank you so much Shelly for sharing your loving light and guidance.
— Lori B
I experienced [Shelly’s] work myself, and I was truly blown away – no Reiki done on me before seemed to be any close to what I’ve felt and realized and cleaned up with Shelly. She’s both a powerful woman and an angelic being and also a very clean channel. And as I’ve always wanted to study it, knowing that who you study it from is a very important thing, I was very happy when she agreed to teach a course.
— Yeva Don
Few Reiki practitioners that I have worked with have had the unique ability to see past the structure, to go beyond the simple ailments of the body and to find the underlying causes, both spiritual and emotional. I am pleased to say that Shelly is one of those rare practitioners who is capable of ground-breaking work. Not only do I feel better, but I am also more aware of my triggers, the underlying issues that breed in my spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies, and have been able to make peace with some of them. I feel confident that the work Shelly has done, and will continue to do with me is a step towards my true healing.
— Lauren Messervey
I did not come in as a believer in reiki – indeed, I’m a neuroscientist. A family member had gone to see Shelly and raved and raved about it, so I was curious to try. In fact, I was blown away. Shelly is the real deal. I can’t explain how it works, but her hands are simply magic. I had more release in the one hour session with Shelly then I’ve had in ages of therapy. I walked out standing taller, feeling freer, and much more control of the issues in my life. I returned for a 2nd time and had even more relief.
— Scientist looking for relief
Shelly is a deeply gifted and compassionate healer. Not only does she embody all that she practices, but she has created a wonderful space for sharing her healing gifts with those fortunate enough to cross paths with her. I have experienced other types of reiki treatments in the past but none as comprehensive and diverse. I am very grateful to be working with Shelly and am very much looking forward to future sessions with her.
— Cherie Harte
Distance Reiki sessions with Shelly have a really great flow to them. In just hearing her voice I feel more relaxed, aware and in-tune with my presence on Earth. This particular session focused mostly on my desire to feel un-stuck and go out into the world to share my work with others - the session encouraged me to step out of my bubble, talk to people, and share the work I do. With her gentle voice and relaxed vibe, I was encouraged to share what I was feeling. Through the session she, through her channeled wisdom, breath work, distance reiki and drumming, encouraged me to go deeper and see that it is the fear within myself that is holding me back. Each session with Shelly is an eye-opening experience, and I am so happy I found her to heal me.
— Melaina Gasbarrino
Doing Reiki with Shelly has helped my body and mind to heal in ways I could not imagine was possible! Her approach is gentle, loving, and she’s extremely knowledgeable, making me feel relaxed and like I’m in good hands. I highly recommend Reiki with Shelly to anyone who’s stressed out, has certain physical ailments, or is just looking to get a spiritual cleanse from time to time. Your body, spirit and mind will thank you afterwards! :)
— Jessie Yang
Shelly is a Master Teacher/Healer. She is also an example of the Universal Human we are all in the process of becoming. It has been through her own experience of healing that she brings reiki to humanity. A map for the conscious individual ready for the journey to wholeness, soul integration and connection to source.
— Anna DeSantis
Shelly Burton has been an incredible source of support, healing, guidance and growth for me. I started out receiving energy sessions, and soon found myself getting my first level reiki traning, and now working towards my level 2. Her care to Samhara Reiki, her clients, students and herself is evident and it is a true joy to work and learn alongside her. Her space is inviting and warm. Working with Shelly is your next step to knowing yourself and caring for yourself on a deeper level :)
— Colby Lang-Moran
After a couple of Reiki sessions with Shelly right away I noticed she has found her calling. The session she offered guided me safely to powerful places within where I could feel real shifts happening. Shelly held such a beautiful presence of divine lightness, love, and joy, while remaining very grounded and professional as I journeyed into deep parts of myself. Shelly is a rare gem! She is a guide I trust and I am looking forward to returning.
— Polly Blanco
I met Shelly randomly at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2012. I was immediately attracted to her openness and honesty. While I returned back to New York City, we started to form a professional and personal relationship over Skype. While sharing our thoughts on film and Africa quite frequently, we started to talk about a world beyond beyond. One day, we had the splendid idea to do Reiki over Skype. I’ve done Reiki plenty of times before, but never long distance. I had absolutely no expectation to experience anything. After the forty-five minute session, I felt undeniably renewed and lighter. We went through the various points of my body together and it was spooky, how we felt the same things. Nevertheless, Shelly had the intuition and expertise to tell me about specific situations in my life, I never shared with her. She allowed me to understand others and myself just a little bit better and to simply let it all go. For that, I am forever grateful
— Tigist Selam
Two appointments and a third to go and I feel a weight has been removed from my mind and body. Shelly is authentic, open and a natural healer. Her holistic approach is what I needed in my life!
— Elizabeth Heggie
I was somewhat skeptical about the sounding technique that Shelly uses. When I finally did try it though, had great results. It took me to places locked up in me from childhood and allowed me to verbalize them. Had some great releases. Thanks, Shelly.
— Doug Jacobson
Shelly was a great channeler for me, she helped me to reconnect with my inner self and brought me messages of love and wisdom. I am very grateful for the beautiful experience I had with Reiki with Shelly, and I am excited for the next sessions I have with her. She is very compassionate and loving, I am thankful to have her in my life! Blessings!!
— Alessandra Da Rocha
Thank you for helping me understand what I can’t change. I am grateful for the experience of working with Shelly. I had been experiencing an extremely difficult time dealing with a suicidal son, and Shelly was able to translate and explain his behaviour so that I can accept it’s not my fault or responsibility to try and fix it. So many changes have taken place since my 3 sessions and I am extremely grateful.
— Maria Fine
I’ve had several sessions with Shelly. There’s always an immediate experience of calm and joy and the weeks and even months later, there’s a slow unfurling of deeply held tensions. It’s all very gentle and my sense of self empowerment keeps getting stronger. Thank you!
— Likhni
As a student of life, my curiosity to connect with my personal truths brought me to Shelly. In just 2 sessions, I surrendered my mind, body & soul to be Shelly’s student. I learned how to strip away the layers from my childhood, broken relationships and unshakeable pain to meet my true self with courageous open arms. Today I am in sheer acceptance of myself and those I share personal & professional relationships, with a balanced asking and allowing ratio. Working with Shelly has empowered my arsenal with a sharpened sense of self confidence & contagious happiness! I did my homework to come into alignment which feels good with absolute certainty. I’m creating my legacy of happiness and inheritance of love. I continue to work on energy alignment because feeling good is a daily crescendo that demands my attention and invites others to rise to meet me where I feel safe, respected and loved. Thank you Shelly!!!
— Catherine


A performance for the Gods.
— Emmanuel Jal, Former child soldier, acclaimed music artist & peace ambassador, on Medicine Dance
Truly amazing! Being in the presence of conscious, alive and genuine women is so deeply supportive and nourishing. If you’ve contemplated attending a full moon circle, trust the call and go for it. Shelly creates a beautiful space to explore the self on many levels. A-ho!
— Lynne Newman
My experience with Shelly was unexplainable in so many words... Since the goddess circle my energy has been incredible. I feel grounded and so focused on the next steps I need to take in my life.. The Goddess Circle has been the best experience of love, light and grounded woman in a long time for me. I recommend full moon circles and Shelly’s gift of channeling transformation...
— Tara-Lee Corriveau
Shelly Burton led an incredible New Year’s intention setting (2018) ceremony for 20+ individuals in my condo’s light-filled theatre room. As I told her in the sharing circle, the experience was a sensory satisfaction on many levels — emotional, spiritual and physical. Many of my guests were new to meditation and spiritual medicine and they were blown away about the welcoming nature of our guide and teacher, and were amazed at the healing, journey, opening, process, trust, faith, love and unexpected results. Aho
— Tawn Haas
I am relatively new to yoga, and especially meditation. I currently have many stresses in my life, and have been looking for new methods to vanquish stress. I recently attended one of Shelly’s Full Moon ceremonies with an open mind, but not fully knowing what to expect. With Shelly’s guiding words and musical talent I was able to enter the deepest state of relaxation I have experienced in a very long time. After the ceremony, I enjoyed an extremely deep and relaxing sleep – something I have not been able to achieve in years. The relaxed and mindful state remained with me for many days and nights following the ceremony. This experience was life altering to say the least and I am truly grateful for Shelly’s talent and the gift that she provided to us.
— Craig
Shelly has guided me through the last year and half of my life. She holds space for women and men in the most lovely way she can. She has taught me so much about self-love and healing. Her energy brightens up the room. I’m so happy we met and I know she will help and guide anyone who is in need.
— Kimberly Allison
The Full Moon circle was exactly what I needed to re-ground and be in community. Shelly is always a warm and loving guide. I will make it part of my health routine to attend when I can, as it is truly time well-spent to be within circle and ground in a light-filled environment.
— Candice Craig
The New Moon event was such a magical experience and a powerful time of change for me so it was perfect to set new intentions. I loved dancing so freely to the exotic rhythm of the drums and tribal music and receiving [Shelly’s] healing energy was an unexpected gift. The people, the space, the energy, the was an amazing time, thank you!
— Lori Bateman
[Shelly’s] New Moon Ceremony was a truly authentic and creative night for me. I have been to new moon ceremonies before, but none quite like this. There was this wonderful mix of ritual, self-reflection, and seeing and being with each other. I felt very welcome in any state. A deeply creative and vital force was alive in the space with us. I felt very honoured to have come across it!
— Rachel Lipton
A wonderful experience! I recently attended Shelly’s Full Moon Goddess Circle for the first time, and I can tell you it was worth the 1-hour+ drive! The venue was beautiful, I felt like I was in a safe and sacred space. I especially loved the crystal bowl vibrations and energy work, very relaxing and uplifting.
— Alison S.