Heart Opening Transmission

Following the US election, here is a guided meditation and channeling by Shelly Burton to help open your heart and reclaim the journey of love.


Music by Adam Weber.

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"Welcome to the portal to your future. The gateway to a new you who receives that which is for him or herself. That which is for you. You as an eternal being of light. You who reaches beyond the limits of what this world has come to know you as.

You who is here to be a change maker. You who is here to expand who you have known yourself as.

You are the key to the future. You are divine light incarnate, in physical form. And yet your heart beats through. Your heart beats through, all form. All formations. Redefining it with each pulse.

Can you feel the expansiveness of your heart? How far does it reach? How far will it go?

The channelling will begin in just a moment. Breath in and out. Letting the words be absorbed into your being. As you stay focused on your breath. Breathing in and out. Letting your mind go to rest, and sleep if it wants to. Trusting that you will absorb what you need at whatever level of your being.

Starting with an intention. An intention for you to expand into.

Channeling beginning

What do you wish for yourself beloved? Feel it in your heart. You like often to wish from your head, but where will that actually get you? You see, you don’t feel in your head. You feel in your heart. So why don’t you begin planning our life from the place where it will be magnetized: your heart!

Feel into your heart beloved. Why does it terrify you, because it is a mystery? But we beseech you to come to know this mystery in a new form. Get to know it. Why does the unknown make you frozen?

Why does the unknown stop you? Why must you forget who you are and let this programming of the world of what you should do to satisfy everybody else get to dictate who you are being in each moment?

Why? Where is this getting you? Where is this really getting you?To a place of feeling good? We would suggest that this is not the case.

And we speak as we because we are a consciousness, a collective, speaking through the one that you call Shelly. Who are we? We are guides identifiable as Time Lords who are viewing the matrix of time. We would love for you to fit into your divine timelines. And the only way this can be reached is by accessing the guidance of your true heart’s whispers, pulses, rhythms, messages and moving to the speed of them. The call of them. Can you listen?

Can you listen? Hear the sound of the drum. Let it call you home. And this is the place from where we will begin our journey together.

Stay sacred beloved. 

As always, you are Beloved."


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