New Moon Transmission ☽ ☾ Oct 30, 2016

New Moon Energy Transmission

Below is an energy transmission from my guides. Please read the words slowly, and simply take what resonates. An audio recording is available below for those who wish to go a little deeper into this channeled work.


“Blessings on the New Moon.

Taking a moment to feel gratitude for this point in your life. The wisdom you have received, the openings of the heart that have come to you. And the freedom to express yourself that you may have experienced as of late, or you may have started to step into.

Can you say yes to the freedom of expression? Not from a needing to gain approval. Not from the idea that that would be nice. But just because you are allowing yourself to follow what your Soul wishes to do. 

Expression is important. It allows you to experience life in new formats, and in doing so you being to rediscover aspects of yourself once forgotten. When we judge ourselves partway through each step of expression the process becomes a limiting one. 

So today we would like for you to tune into three aspects of expression that have called to you or are calling to you. Perhaps it is using the voice to sing without shame. Or a pencil to draw a beautiful photograph you have seen in your mind. Or to move freely with rhythms that feed you and nourish your body, in a new space. For others it could be the design of jewelry, culinary gifts, playing a musical instrument, or freedom of movement through more structured exercise, so long as play is not forgotten. 

We would like for you to commit to doing these exercises once per week, one each for the next 3 to 4 months. Can you start to set an activity schedule for yourself? So that you remember to find the time to rebalance who you are through creative play. This is a gift both to yourself, and to others for it puts you in the space of receiving that which dances through you: the song of life. You are the conduit through which the song of life is played. Can you allow it to move through you in perfect expression? As the perfect note on the song that sings through life. You are music, you are perpetual song in motion.

We love you, and that is all.

Blessings for the New Moon.”

Audio File


Listening Guidance

Before listening, please read the following instructions.

In this type of channeling, my guides speak through me. Guides can also be thought of as a consciousness wave, being accessed through words, to bring understanding, clarity and evolution. When the words come through, please note that my voice shifts to a British-like accent. Why? There is an energetic frequency that heals embedded in both the words themselves and how they are said. You can think of it as containing healing sounds for the body and words for the mind. 

When listening, please stay relaxed and let your body absorb the words. Stay focused on your breath, and watch for the following:

  •  If your mind starts to wander, wondering "why is there an accent?" or "what does that mean?", simply notice it's doing that. Then, bring your attention back to your breath.
  • If your body wants to sleep, let it sleep.
  • Trust that the words will go in at whatever level your body is ready for!

Happy New Moon and Blessed Day!


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