☾ New Moon + Solar Eclipse Transmission ☽


This transmission, or channelling directly from my guides, will help you step directly into a state of joy. It will also encourage you to lighten up, and gives you practical tools for curating an inner landscape of love, happiness and strength. 


"Blessings Beloveds,

We ask you to take a moment and to honour the power of goodness in your life. of lightness. of lightening up.

What would happen if you let yourself lighten up more often?

What if you let yourself stop worrying about what you need to do? What must fit in order for your world to be just fine, and perfect, and you progressing just as you have determined, by progress needs, inch by inch. And just let yourself enjoy the feeling of freedom, of lightness, of letting go of who you are?

What if you let yourself receive lightness and joy, and claimed to know that vibration as an important, or as a part of you? 

What would happen if you give yourself permission to play more often in this space, rather than feeling you must be obligated to define yourself by your measures of material worth or progress?

Take a moment today, and ask yourself: what brings you the most joy in your life? Is it pleasure? Is it being deep and intimate with a loved one? Is it having the freedom to dance, to run, to sing? Is it being listened to? It is the pleasure of delicious good, or animals, or children playing and running? Cool breeze, fresh water, vacation, celebration, having no cares. What brings you joy?

And then ask: what part or what am I doing with that particular activity that brings me joy?  And then ask yourself, how often you give yourself permission to engage in that activity? Once a week, twice a day? Whatever, whatever. And then let yourself know, that you actually have permission to engage in this feeling more often. If you engage in your joyful activity once a day, give yourself permission to do it at least three times per day. If you do it once a month, give yourself permission to do it three to four times a month. 

So often humanity gets burdened by responsibilities and the need to progress by slugging, as you say, by working, progressing, pushing forward. But when you [so enjoy] and are made for lightness and joy. So what if spending more time in joy, brought in more joy. Would that not be a logical solution or step or path to take? We would say this is called, as the vehicle refers to it, vibrational curation. So we would suggest that you use your energies intelligently to curate the vibration of joy, because is that not what you are seeking in your life?

This new moon is a deep, deep one. A deep purging at the time of the eclipse, to bring light to new darkness that has been submerged to quite some time. And with the reversal of what you refer to as Mercury and we refer to as matiré there is a going backwards in time. You review the details, pick up lost pieces, and plunge forward with wholeness, with strength, with solidity in your being. No longer overlooking or giving away your worth to another. Or needing someone to provide for you. You take care of you. You curate your inner world. You welcome and commit to curating your inner landscape of love, of joy, of happiness. And you will be strong.

That is all, Thank you."


Please enjoy an audio recording of the transmission below. It is unedited, with my guides speaking directly through me.

Listening Instructions

As a heads up, when my guides speak through me, my voice takes on a British-like accent. Why? Because there is a healing frequency embedded not only in the words, but how they are said. I recommend that you lie down, and let your body absorb what is being said. If your mind wants to figure things out, simply come back to your breath, and let those thoughts go. As always, please only take what feels true to you and leave the rest.