What is a transmission?

A transmission is an offering of wisdom from guides, or a higher intelligence that speaks through me.

When this happens, my voice changes to a British sounding accent. Why? This is because there is frequency embedded in the vibration. It is not only the words being spoken, but the energy that is coming through in how they are said. This helps to infuse us with vibration on two levels.

What you may notice is that the words are very relaxing. Many people commonly find the accent to be soothing.

What makes it different from channeling?

There is certainly overlap with channeling. This is a type of channeling.

In channelling, what can happen is that people aren’t present. The channel might not be aware of what is coming through him or her. With transmissions, I am fully present to the message being delivered.

Where exactly is it coming from?

A transmission is not coming from you in the ego sense. It can, however be coming from higher you. This is because our guides, in my experience, are ultimately a higher aspect of ourselves.

A pure channel is being able to listen, and to step out of the way for what wants to come through. This builds with time.

Final thoughts:

These are some things to listen for when receiving a transmission. They can be helpful in ensuring that what you are listening to is powerful and in your highest good.

  • The accent is an important part of what is happening, for it is a way the energy is transmitted.
  • The purity of the message is also key. Does it resonate with you deeply? Does it make you feel lighter and expanded, or contracted and as if you are told what to do? There is a difference between assertiveness, and control.
  • As with anything, the important thing to do is to listen to what feels true for you, and leave the rest.