New Moon Transmission ☽ ☾ Jan 28, 2017


A channeled message through Shelly Burton. Simply take what resonates, and leave what doesn't. I invite you to check out the audio recording below. Happy New Moon!


When listening let yourself relax, and lie or sit comfortably in a quiet space. Keep focused on your breath, and let your body absorb the words. If your mind gets active, wondering how something could be true or if you've missed something, bring your focus back to stillness. Let that thought travel away, perhaps visualizing it moving down a river, and notice your breath. The message will be absorbed by your body, at the conscious and subconscious levels.

My voice is in a British sounding accent, because the guides speak through me with a message that is imbued with a particular energetic wave. The vibration they speak it is imbued with healing. The vibration translates both in how the words are spoken, and what the words are. So the accent could very easily fit into the category of sound therapy. Hope you enjoy this! Comments are welcome.


"Good evening, good day whatever the time you are tuning into this wisdom that we offer. 

We would like to ask you for today, the day following the moon's phase of new beginnings, starting fresh, making a new appearance....We ask you to let go of worry.

So often you worry yourselves about things that could go wrong. And yes, it is important to be rooted in reality and aware of what is happening. But worry actually takes you out of the feeling of being alright. You see, so you are starting to create circumstances that you then need to fix. And when you are fixing, you are not living. You are not being in the positive of commanding your next steps. 

So let your self start to assume position of the one who believes. The one who lets in the possibility that things can work for him or her self. 

Letting in those possibilities and allowing them to circulate. Of all the things you have been wondering about in your life, or afraid of, can you decide that they will work out for you on time? Let go of the timeline because that creates a false sense of pressure. Remember, time is non-linear, and yet a lived experience. So get beyond it.

Get beyond it. And step into the realization that this possibility can land for you. It will land for you. And if there is a need attached to it, let that be noticed and subside. When you need, you are not in power. Need implies the very thing you seek is not available within yourself. But we say yes, it is beloved. 

It is.

So open to it being within you. Open to knowing or allowing it within you, if it's care you seek, if it's abundance, health or wellness or fortitude. Find where it lives. Find it inside of you and let it open. See it as inevitably happening as you take steps in alignment with it from your own knowing that is will come. That is all we will say for today.

For those who are new to this recordings, welcome. We are, you could say, ancient keepers of knowledge that speak through the vehicle. We are not from one destination or place, but rather collective of wisdom. We oversee the timelines of your life, and we wish for you to get in alignment in accordance with the ones that will lead to most harmony in your life. 

That is all, Thank you."

Note: The vehicle they refer to is me, Shelly Burton. To learn more about transmissions, please see this article.


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