The Offering

Please enjoy this guided meditation with crystal bowl sound healing to support you on your journey. Simply take what resonates, and leave what doesn't!

Disclaimer: Please do not listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery.





Let yourself relax, and lie or sit comfortably in a quiet space. Focus on your breath, and let your body absorb the words. It's ok if you miss a few words here and there. If your mind gets active, wondering how something could be true or if you've missed something, bring your focus back to stillness. Let that thought travel away, perhaps visualizing it moving down a river, and notice your breath. The message will be absorbed by your body, at the conscious and subconscious levels. Most importantly, please honour your body's process! If it wants to sleep, that is ok!


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Spring Equinox Meditation: Mar 20, 2017

Spring Equinox Meditation

Happy Spring Equinox! At this time of balanced day and night -- of equal dark and light, may this meditation help you welcome in a wealth of new possibilities to spring forward into.



Welcome to this day of Springing forward into new pathways, directions, exciting realities. 

Taking a deep breath in and out.

Just letting your body feel the ground below you, with your feet planted in. Letting yourself even go outside, where you can stand directly on the Earth. Starting to take in the feeling of her softness at this time. 

Breathing in and out.

Letting spring be a time of opening to the nurture, the power of gentleness; new light, new life. As we gently allow our bodies, our hearts, our minds to receive the care, the warmth, the nourishment of softness.

Deep breath in and out.

Placing your hand on your heart, and one on your sacral area. Placing them gently there. 

Deep breath in and out.

And allowing the quality of softness into your life, into your body.

Breathing in and out. 

Making a commitment to yourself to allow new possibilities in, as you simply anchor in the feeling of softness. 

Breathing in and out.

Letting your heart to expand, feeling waves extending out of it. As they start to touch the heart of the trees, the birds, the animals, and a new song begins to be sung.  

Deep breath in and out. 

And then starting to feel a gratitude for that song being sung.


And starting to understand that our dreams are made manifest, the softness we seek in the world as we allow it to live within us. As we allow that softness to be stoked within.

Breathing in and out.

And allowing yourself to see new life springing from this quality of allowing. The trickle of new life.

Breathing in and out.

And then feeling and expressing "Thank you life, God, Universe, Nature, Spirit"; however you connect with what is beyond you. "Thank you for helping me know I'm allowed to feel softness."

Breathe in and out.

"And thank you for helping this softness be nurtured."

Breathe in and out.

Dropping your awareness into your sacral, and feeling a beautiful nurturing energy radiating out from there. Where it starts to touch the creative spark in nature, around you. The one that births lives, new worlds, new opportunities, new portals, new sparks of existence. We're going to start to ask that force be enlivened. And starting to set the intention that this frequency starts to become tangible. So that anyone who is in a state of doubting themselves, of anger towards who they are, or what they've been through, starts to touch this new wave of vibrancy, of creativity. And they start to feel good. And then they start to know: "Hey, I can spring forward now." Then setting the intention that this be continuously felt by others, and also by the parts of you that have been hating on yourself -- tough with yourself, doubting what you're capable of. Let them touch this new creative force. 

Breathing in and out.

So thank you. Happy Equinox! May your dreams blossom from this beautiful foundation of warmth, vitality and trust.


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