Happy New Moon in Cancer! Please enjoy this channeled wisdom, in the form of an energy transmission™, to support you on your journey. Simply take what resonates, and leave what doesn't!

If you are new to energy transmissions, I invite you to learn more about them here


Listening Instructions

Please do not listen to this while driving! It is channeled and can put you in a slightly altered state. Please do find a quiet space to listen, and take some deep breaths before starting. Let yourself absorb the teachings as you rest. You will get exactly what you need from them.

After listening, please write an intention for yourself for the coming two weeks. Thank Grandmother moon for bringing it into being.





"Surrendering to alchemy as a potent force available to those who wish for pure-hearted love to persistently become their experience. Could you be one who consistently reaches for a beautiful loving and plenty-filled life for everyone in your world -- including those who you had at one point believed out to hurt you, or reduce you? 

Today, wish that love -- that abundant life experience -- to not only those you hold near and true... but to those who you dislike tremendously. And what this does is it communicates to the world that you are willing to wish well to any parts of it you had once deemed unloveable, despicable and so forth. 

And what we would suggest this does is open the entire body to love within. That is all, Thank you."