Happy New Moon in Pisces! Please enjoy this channeled wisdom, in the form of an energy transmission™, to support you on your journey. Simply take what resonates, and leave what doesn't!

If you are new to energy transmissions, I invite you to learn more about them here


Listening Instructions

Please do not listen to this while driving! It is channeled and can put you in a slightly altered state. Please do find a quiet space to listen, and take some deep breaths before starting. Let yourself absorb the teachings as you rest. You will get exactly what you need from them.

After listening, please write an intention for yourself for the coming two weeks. Thank Grandmother moon for bringing it into being.





On this day of the new moon, we would like for you to open your heart to a just gentle embrace. A gentle nourishment through applause of where you have gotten yourself to today. Is there something you've done that is in line with what you wanted? Is there something you have surrendered to to let in? Or is there something that you have been slowly progressing towards and it appears to be arriving? 

So just taking the time to embrace where you are at. And starting to fill the lungs with encouragement, vastness, appreciation. For when you breathe in a sense of vastness, the horizons you start to experience can enlarge. Inhaling vastness, exhaling hurt... Inhaling freedom, exhaling hurt... and so starting to alternate in this pattern.

And once you get comfortable with vastness being available and coming into your body, start to anchor yourself in the root, tailbone, so forth. And feel what it would be to let the vastness of life's possibilities land here for you. So once you can start to feel into the vastness of possibilities that want to work out for you, you are better equipped to hear the way forward for yourself.

So if you are struggling to hear "what you want to do", or "what is best for you", we would say: sigh out hurt, and go through the simple exercise of reconnecting with vastness and having it here. For then you are not limiting the solutions you are looking for in your life. Keep them large, and you will start to be able to hear accurate possibilities for yourself that are not ones that keep you feeling restricted. But ones that self you free to explore your horizons that you are here to enjoy.