Happy New Moon in Gemini! Please enjoy this channeled wisdom, in the form of an energy transmission™, to support you on your journey. Simply take what resonates, and leave what doesn't!

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Listening Instructions

Please do not listen to this while driving! It is channeled and can put you in a slightly altered state. Please do find a quiet space to listen, and take some deep breaths before starting. Let yourself absorb the teachings as you rest. You will get exactly what you need from them.

After listening, please write an intention for yourself for the coming two weeks. Thank Grandmother moon for bringing it into being.





“Let gratitude be something important… something that you honour… something that you see value in, not as a means to an end — because that is not being grateful. To build gratitude, we ask you to appreciate the good moments you do have in life. Perhaps the opportunity to spend time with a loved one, or to enjoy a lunch in beautiful weather. Take time to appreciate the moment of it… not think about the next moment, or the one after that… or what was missing. Just appreciate one wonderful part of the moment, and stay there.

‘I am so fortunate to have had this moment’.

Because then you are telling the Universe that you believe good things are happening to you. And if you believe good things are happening to you, how are you going to feel? GOOD.

Stop the part of you that is criticizing what is in front of you, and welcome the part of you that just takes pauses to truly appreciate what is wonderful. It can be just an aspect of what’s in front of you — but the point is, you really value that aspect. If you value it, then you become congruent with a life that brings moments that are gratifying.

That is all, Thank you!”

Image by @madisonperrins