Happy New Moon in Gemini! Please enjoy this channeled wisdom, in the form of an energy transmission™, to support you on your journey. Simply take what resonates, and leave what doesn't!

If you are new to energy transmissions, I invite you to learn more about them here


Listening Instructions

Please do not listen to this while driving! It is channeled and can put you in a slightly altered state. Please do find a quiet space to listen, and take some deep breaths before starting. Let yourself absorb the teachings as you rest. You will get exactly what you need from them.

After listening, please write an intention for yourself for the coming two weeks. Thank Grandmother moon for bringing it into being.





"Opening your heart up to the magic within yourself and the community you live in. If you feel isolated from the world, ask yourself: are you expecting too much from others before you have even acknowledged both the gifts within them, and yourself? Are you pushing against where you just can rest and appreciate yourself, and from that place of appreciation of who you are, what you have, and what is going to come to you, can you honour your journey as opposed to diminish it?

And when you honour your journey, you can then start to recognize the brilliance that lays around you. You can start to understand that you are not alone entirely in your construction of reality. And you can start to embrace the wave of possibility that lies ahead for you, beloved.

For all we would like you to do is to understand that you can be a part of the recreation of this world, if you so choose. And it is not done by thinking you become better by healing more. It is done through a pure altruistic commitment to the betterment of your own life and that of the ones around you. 

And this requires no reduction in who you are being.

That is all, thank you."