Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo! Please enjoy this channeled wisdom, in the form of an energy transmission™, to support you on your journey. Simply take what resonates, and leave what doesn't!

If you are new to energy transmissions, I invite you to learn more about them here


Listening Instructions

Please do not listen to this while driving! It is channeled and can put you in a slightly altered state. Please do find a quiet space to listen, and take some deep breaths before starting. Let yourself absorb the teachings as you rest. You will get exactly what you need from them.

After listening, please write an intention for yourself for the coming two weeks. Thank Grandmother moon for bringing it into being.





"Allowing yourself to receive waves of hope and loving intentions. What would it be like for the world to care deeply for you? about you? Could you let that in? Could you understand that you are part of the continuity -- not one soul, alone in the world here.

But to experience that continuity, you must believe in your inherent worth or suitability for loving care and relationships. So, we ask you to take a moment and just release fear of releasing restriction upon your body's chakra system. Stop inhibiting your body's natural flow of impulse to connect with those who you like, who comfort you, and who you respect. 

Understand that you deserve to be nourished as you are in full companionship with others. So may this be the intention that you meditate with, this day. 

We would like you to understand that you are part of a circuitry of humanity that is just discovering how beautiful it is to live lovingly with each other. And the animals are here watching you, wondering when you will learn to co-exist.

That is all, thank you."