Happy New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse! Please enjoy this channeled wisdom, in the form of an energy transmission™, to support you on your journey. Simply take what resonates, and leave what doesn't!

If you are new to energy transmissions, or have any questions about them, please read about them here before listening to the recording.



This transmission was done with my new horse, Peter, right beside me. You will notice, as I go to begin the transmission, he turns his bum towards me. This is to send "root chakra" energy towards me (and the camera), to help with grounding. We readjust, and he gradually moves closer to me during the energy transmission, as he is intrigued. It was his first one, and he did great!

The stomping of his feet throughout the video, can either be swatting at flies, or an exclamation mark on what was being said.

If you'd like to jump directly to the transmission, please fast forward to 1:22 on the video.




"Rooting yourselves deeper into the position that you are.

And understand that he [Peter], as the vehicle pointed out, is sending you first energy centre -- energy circle alignment, which is to connect you to the foundation of your body and your being. So receive that from his derriere if you well.

So we want to go up and celebrate the sun, but first we must root into where we are. To bring light into this portal of time. So on this day of eclipse, what we will say is there is an awakening. Can you allow perceived darkness to have a fringe of light around it? What darkness needs to be seen in the possibility of deep compassion, deep care, deep understanding, deep tenderness?

He [Peter] is coming closer now, because he is wondering what is happening. It is his first transmission with us.

So we would like for all of you to reach open in conjoining a new circle. A new circle in which humans are held as containers of light. Containers. So you are seeing a ring today, and let yourself contain wisdom. You like to see it outside of you. But contain the wisdom. You need not give it away. You need not doubt it. But just contain it. And see what births from the possibility of containment of darkness. If you hold your darkness in understanding, what will happen? Well it will be birthed anew. In a new light. A new world.

So let this day be a day of celebrating possibilities of new.

That is all for today, Thank you."


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