Full Moon Ceremonies

Rediscover. Live. Rhythm.

Shelly Burton hosts monthly moon ceremonies, which are designed to set your spirit free and centre you in your heart.

Offerings include crystal bowl sound healing, channeled wisdom, African drumming, medicine dance, manifestation exercises and high vibration energy healing. They are a time of community connection, sharing, and building intentions for change. We laugh, dance barefoot, soak in wisdom and live in our hearts. We support each other. Together, we are more powerful than alone.

These ceremonies help you align with lunar cycles and earth rhythms. They are a bridge between ancient traditions and modern ways. They represent a gateway for harnessing the powerful energies of the moon to create positive shifts within you and the wider world. Together, we are reborn, as we allow our beautiful essence through, and live the expression of it.


Why COMMUNE ON the full Moon?

Full moons are a time of heightened emotions. This is due to the interconnected nature of the moon, water and our emotions. The moon effects the rhythms of water to create tides; a full moon exerts a stronger gravitational pull on the waters to create higher tides. Our bodies are mostly water. In many Native American traditions, water is associated with the emotional body. The full moon therefore can be said to exert a stronger pull on the waters, and emotions of our bodies.

Fear, doubt, anger and more can rise to the surface to release, as the moon's pull on our emotional body is at a maximum peak. The ceremonies are an opportunity to connect in community, and transmute the emotions that are rising up to clear! So we are moving forward lighter, cleared and more empowered to live the life we wish.

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Shelly Burton

Shelly Burton, energy medicine woman and medical anthropologist, will guide you through monthly full moon ceremonies.

Shelly is a social innovator and a leader in the field of energy medicine. She is a medical anthropologist trained at Oxford University, and the Founder of Samhara Energy Medicine. Her work is rooted in the premise that change happens on our planet, as we begin listening to the intelligence of our bodies.

Shelly guides others back to a place of inner wisdom and harmonious balance through rhythmical modalities including energy healing, an ancient healing dance, sound therapy and transmissions.

Shelly also holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Biomedical Science from the University of Guelph. Her training includes as an Usui Reiki Teacher, a Tera-Mai Reiki Master, a Shamanic Apprentice and a Luminous Leader in the Grandmother Lineage. Her peer-reviewed publications include on public health and traditional medicine. She loves coconut vegan ice cream, tribal music and wild horses.



Our events often feature carefully selected guest artists, who gift a unique musical touch to the evening. It also includes Samhara Reiki Practitioners who anchor healing energy and are there to support you through any emotional release. Your senses will be delighted by the richness our team offers, as you dive into the depths of your soul and deepen your connection to gentleness, love and community.

Full, new, or eclipsed, there is always an energy associated with the waxing and waning of the night’s bright light.

The full moons are a perfect time to release the old and welcome in the new. Being pregnant has connected me to this source of energy and power like never before. As the moon rules the water of our earth it affects the water and emotional tides of our being. The full moon ceremonies have been an important practice through my journey. Working with ROC, a group of healers, musicians and intuitives lead by Shelly Burton, they guide us through a full moon ceremonial practice that curates unity, healing as one in a group, and sharing.

We stomp into the ground our fears and we raise our arms up together into the skies what we need to receive. We set intentions and move through the discomfort to feel light and connected. I have learnt so many ways to process through dance, chant, song, and movement. These traditions have been passed through time for many years and I think it is time to bring some of these experiences back.
— Shauna Ireland
“The New Moon event was such a magical experience and a powerful time of change for me so it was perfect to set new intentions. I loved dancing so freely to the exotic rhythm of the drums and tribal music and receiving [Shelly’s] healing energy was an unexpected gift. The people, the space, the energy, the treats...it was an amazing time, thank you! “
— Lori Bateman
“The New Moon Ceremony was a truly authentic and creative night for me. I have been to new moon ceremonies before, but none quite like this. There was this wonderful mix of ritual, self-reflection, and seeing and being with each other. I felt very welcome in any state. A deeply creative and vital force was alive in the space with us. I felt very honoured to have come across it!”
— Rachel Lipton

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