Energy transmissions are a type of channeling where my guides speak through me with words of wisdom.

Guides can be thought of as a consciousness wave being accessed, in this case through words, to bring understanding, clarity and evolution. The messages they offer are powerful for a few reasons. First, they are imbued with a healing frequency that balances your energetic self. This can be felt as deep peace, joy or as being moved to tears. Second, they deliver potent words designed to reawaken you to the truth of who you are. Transmissions are high vibrational messages that help you shed programming that has trapped you. I invite you to discover how they can help you find freedom.

Please enjoy these offerings, and take them into your hearts. May they help you blossom as beautiful souls, and rekindle your creative essence. 

Heart chakra opening energy transmission by Shelly Burton.

Heart Opening Journey

"You are the key to the future. You are divine light incarnate, in physical form. And yet your heart beats through. Your heart beats through, all form. All formations. Redefining it with each pulse."

New moon energy transmission by Shelly Burton.

New Moon: Jan, 2017

"Let your self start to assume position of the one who believes. The one who lets in the possibility that things can work for him or her self."

New moon energy transmission by Shelly Burton.

New MooN: OCT, 2016

 "You are the conduit through which the song of life is played. Can you allow it to move through you in perfect expression? As the perfect note on the song that sings through life. You are music, you are perpetual song in motion."

New moon energy transmission by Shelly Burton.

New Moon: Nov, 2016

"Pray for others that their needs will be met by the warmth available within their hearts, their souls, their beings. And as the warmth increases within each being, it increases in the world. And acceptance becomes the new norm."