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Meditation with Horses: Soho Farmhouse

  • Soho Farmhouse Great Tew, Chipping Norton Oxfordshire UK (map)


Connect with the wisdom of your heart through the mirror of a horse, at the majestic Soho Farmhouse.

Meditation is a proven practice for stress reduction, clearing your mind and finding tranquility. It opens creativity, and helps us feel rejuvenated. Meditating with horses can amplify your zen, by helping you reconnect with your while your mind find space. It is a powerful way of aligning your heart with your mind, and opening up to the path of joy.

The electromagnetic field of the heart is 60 times greater than that of our brains. What we feel in our heart matters! It is an important part of crafting healthy relationships, and can support us to manifest what we really desire in our lives. If we feel good in our hearts, we are empowered to live a fulfilling life.

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A horse's heart is five times greater than a human heart, and beats more slowly. Through entrainment, when we are around a calm horse our heart beat slows down. Horses therefore facilitate us to enter into a state of tranquility.

Horses also help us see ourselves. As prey animals, they have learned to survive by responding to the energy of their environment -- whether it feels like predator or a "friend" from their herd. Because of these instincts, horses can act as mirrors into our souls or subconscious.  They can show us what we're putting out in the world emotionally, and help us see any subconscious resistance to living in our hearts and receiving authentic connection.

When we are connected to our hearts, and have clear mind, we are clear vessels to receive creative ideas that bring us joy. Ones that fill us up! Let the horse guide you into this space, in a 90 min guided journey to the sounds of a hand drum and singing bowl. You will find a new awareness of your heart's power and refine its connection to the mind.

Shelly Burton, Oxford University trained medical anthropologist and Samhara Energy Medicine Founder, will be your guide.

This event is for Soho House members only. Contact Soho Farmhouse to register.

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