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Full Buck Moon Ceremony

  • Misfit Studio 761 Queen St. West, 3rd Floor Toronto, ON M6J 1G1 Canada (map)


An evening of healing our masculine sides, as we raise our collective frequency honouring the medicine of the full moon and the deer totem.

Healers! Alchemists! Empaths! Lightworkers of the World! And just generally cool vibrant souls! YOU are called to gather to lift the frequency of your hearts, bodies and souls... and as we do so, raise the vibe of our community of Toronto.


Join us for an incredible evening celebrating the Full Buck Moon and also a Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. 

In this circle, we will be exploring what healing our masculine side means. Whether you identify as male or female, we all have a masculine side. This is the part that drives projects forward, is action oriented, logical and creates structures that support visions. Our world has a lot of masculine energy in it, but is it balanced? Balanced masculine energy is receptive to and honouring of our female side - which is intuitive, receptive. I can digest the words "I love you" easily, and feels that love throughout. It operates from a trust in what is coming, and a knowing of it's worth, rather than driving action from lack, competition or aggression. It is focused and yet supportive and embracing of others. It can clearly draw boundaries and communicate when things are crossing what it needs, and is supportive of others ambitions.

Balanced and loving masculine energy within us, is essential to building a clear path forward for our soul's work. The relationship between our masculine and feminine sides, will be mirrored by our experience in romantic relationships.

In this ceremony, we will gather to celebrate and call forward a new, healthy masculine energy within. One that drives forward from a knowing of it's worth, feels great love available, and celebrates the accomplishments of others.

We will close the evening, by asking for harmonization and balance between our masculine and feminine, so that we can exist harmoniously here. This balance can be reflected by a new peace and ease in romantic relationships, or a new balance in your work life including for those who are social entrepreneurs.

Come celebrate the full moon like never before! Your body will be tantalized by sacred African rhythms, and your soul nourished by the healing sounds of channeled wisdom and crystal bowl tones. Grab your tickets while they last!

The evening will be guided by Energy Medicine Woman, Shelly Burton, who if you haven't worked with, is a must experience in Toronto. She will be supported by the incredible Friday Night Drummers bringing pure African rhythms and soul into the sacred circle. An amazing team of Samhara Reiki™ Practitioners will create a supportive and welcoming environment to step into. 

Confidentiality will be maintained for anything shared in the group. Sharing is optional. 

Image by @goddess_rising

Image by @goddess_rising


Full moons are a time when emotions surface to clear. This moon exerts a stronger pull on the waters of the Earth, and raises the tides. We are mostly water, and in many Native American traditions the water is associated with the emotional body. So the full moon is exerting a stronger pull on our emotional body, bringing what needs to clear to surface.

So come heal with us, because emotions will be rising up to the surface, making you feel tired, frustrated, sad or something mega... and the early bird rate is the deal you want to snag.

Read more about "How the moon effects you + what you can do about it" here.



The Buck Moon was named by many Native American tribes because this is the time that the buck's antlers begin to grow. Deers hold the energy of gentleness. It is also called the Thunder Moon, for the frequent thunderstorms that occur during the month. Thunder and lightening are said to be the result of Mother Earth and Father Sky making love.

This month is also a Total Lunar Eclipse, which many refer to as a Blood Moon, because of the red hue the moon takes on during a full lunar eclipse. Are you ready for this?

Source: Old Farmer's Almanac


Shelly Burton, Founder of Samhara Energy Medicine™ and Oxford University trained medical anthropologist, will be guiding the ceremony. Shelly's three plus years of running a full-time Reiki practice, and after spending eight years healing a devastating injury, have taught her how to shift your life from the inside out. She is here to help you release old beliefs that have hindered your blossoming, and cross the threshold into your new comforting reality.  Dreams can happen. They take time. She's got your back.

Burton holds a Masters in Medical Anthropology from Oxford University and an Honours B.Sc. in Biomedical Science from the University of Guelph. She is a highly sought after practitioner who has hosted workshops at the prestigious Soho Farmhouse in the UK, and has a cast of worldwide clients from New York to Los Angeles, London to Paris.


Shelly will be supported by three of the incredible Friday Night Drummers, including Goddess Kimberley who is holding down the bass rhythms on the big drums (the dununs) in the clip below! Be prepared to move to their beautiful and intricate grooves.

Truly amazing! Being in the presence of conscious, alive and genuine women is so deeply supportive and nourishing. If you’ve contemplated attending a full moon circle, trust the call and go for it. Shelly creates a beautiful space to explore the self on many levels. A-ho!
— Lynne Newman


Date: Friday, July 27, 2018

Time: 8 - 11 pm. Doors close at 8:30 pm sharp.

Location: Misfit Studio, 761 Queen St W, 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON, M6J 1G1. Entrance to the left of the store Anthropologie, towards Bathurst.

Exchange: Book early as seats are limited to ensure intimacy for the group!!

  • $44 early bird (until 11:59 pm Jul 17 with promo code "BUCK") 
  • $55 advance (until 5 pm Jul 27) 
  • $60 door 

 Prices include HST. Wear comfortable clothes. Tea and a light snack will be provided.

*Payment is also accepted by email transfer to (password "love"). 

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