Monday Medicine

Happy Monday!

Please enjoy your weekly medicine from my guides. My intention is that it helps you curate a little more space of inner love and peace. As we create room within us for love, we become portals for it's expression in the world. And change begins to happen both within and around us.

You are a beautiful soul, with an intelligence that radiates from the depths of your being. May you tap this intelligence and begin to remember just how precious you are with the help of these channeled readings, which I like to call "energy transmissions."

If you're new to channeled reading, I encourage you to learn more about them here. To best absorb the medicine, I recommend: please listen in a quiet space, and not while you are operating a vehicle. It is a channeled journey and can make you very relaxed. Remember to breathe deeply, and let the words be absorbed by your body, as you listen through your heart.  If you feel tension arise, simply breathe into it, and allow it to dissipate. Tension in the body just means it needs a little love and attention through your breath, so that an emotional release can start to happen.


Opening to complete allowance of your most magnificent self to arrive here.

Allowing your heart to understand that it is accepted as it opens, this time. Could you have the courage to see your heart as worth acknowledgement, acceptance and connection with the world around you? And could you believe that this space can exist for those with whom you meet as well? So you enter into a state of coherence with your heart centre, and start to recreate the belief around its acceptability. 

Stating this affirmation if you so wish, to further your progression in activating this belief system within:

“I am clear and open to my heart’s intelligence and I now deem it as acceptable, not only to the world but my own true self. I understand the language, the words used now will be ones of clarity, connectivity and of allowing myself to find situations in which I am loved, heard and appreciated. May this become the language of my life, and may others who feel the call have the courage to join me and all those who are traveling along the path of the heart’s activation.”

That is all, Thank you.

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