Private Sessions

Samhara Energy Medicine™, developed by Shelly Burton, will awaken your body's natural healing processes, and restore balance to your mind, body and spirit. Sessions will help you reconnect with and listen to your innate wisdom. In this process, Shelly's unique ability to connect with Spirit and offer channeled messages will give you direct answers to current life problems.



IN Person

Receive hands on energy healing, transmissions of wisdom, and sound therapy. Each session includes the gift of notes, where possible, to help you carry key insights forward. 



Receive energy healing and transmissions of wisdom from your location. Each session is done over the phone, FaceTime or Skype. It includes the gift of notes, where possible, to help you carry key insights forward.

All programs can combine in person and distance sessions.


All clients begin with an introductory Soul Spark package. What are the benefits of packages? One session can be helpful and groundbreaking however it often takes more that one to create change and lasting results.  Powerful emotions can arise and our continued work together will support you while you shift and release. 


Soul Spark

For new clients only. This introductory program allows you to dive into your inner work and get a taste of your soul's medicine.

  • Discover the emotions underneath current challenges.
  • Release subconscious resistance to the life you want.
  • Spark new pathways for your soul’s expression.

Sessions occur over a 3 day intensive, weekly or bi-weekly. 

Three 60 min sessions for $188 each. Payment plan available for a one-time $20 fee. HST not included.



For clients who have completed the intro program only. This session is ideal for those who need quick insights about a challenge. This option offers the most flexibility in scheduling.

60 min session for $222 + HST


Spirit Quest

This 3 session program will help you breakthrough pain and blockages to access your beautiful essence.

  • Release toxic beliefs from a cellular level.
  • Build self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance.
  • Strengthen your light body quotient.
  • Invite your essence back into your body, heart and life. 
  • Ignite a new path forward.

Sessions occur on a custom schedule tailored to your needs. As necessary to support your journey, you can add check-in calls at a discounted Spirit Quest rate. 

Three 60 min sessions for $199 each. Payment plan available for a one-time $20 fee. HST not included.


Medicine Walk

This 6 session program will help you step into a new understanding of your subconscious patterning and shift it with the medicine of horses. 

  • Dive deeper into what fuels your soul.
  • Let through that which nourishes you.
  • Begin to trust yourself, and step into your brilliance.
  • Explore your true power. 
  • Open to the messages of nature and horses.
  • Connect with your heart and authentic Self.
  • Welcome yourself home!

Bonus: Enjoy healing sessions with horses at a reduced Dancing with Horses rate. Horse sessions can be scheduled from May to November.

Sessions occur on a custom schedule tailored to your needs. As necessary to support your journey, you can add check-in calls or extra sessions at a discounted Dancing with Horses rate.

Six 60 min sessions for $188 each. Payment plan available for a one-time $20 fee. HST not included.


Freedom Journey

This 12 session journey will help you open your intuitive heart, and find freedom by listening to your body's wisdom.

  • Learn how to navigate the unknown.
  • Step into the knowing that you are wonderful just as you are.
  • Ground into your body as trauma clears from your root.
  • Build bridges between your mind, heart and gut.
  • Find a new connection to nature's rhythms.
  • Discover the freedom of following your intuition.
  • Embody your highest wisdom!

Bonus 1: Enjoy healing sessions with horses at a reduced Freedom Journey rate. Horse sessions can be scheduled from May to November.

Bonus 2: Complimentary full moon ceremonies will be gifted quarterly, to help you flow in harmony with your inner rhythm and the lunar cycles. 

Sessions occur on a custom schedule tailored to your needs. As necessary to support your journey, you can add check-in calls, extra sessions or horses sessions at a discounted Freedom Journey rate.

Twelve 60 min sessions for $177 each. Payment plan available for a one-time $20 fee. HST not included.





The animal kingdom has many lessons to teach us, and horses are among some its wisest teachers. These majestic creatures help you reconnect with your heart, drop any masks and aid in profound healing breakthroughs. By mirroring your emotions back to you, in a safe space, they help you get in touch with your subconscious feelings.  

Horses intuitively recognize blocks in our physical bodies and auric fields. They can help move the energy, releasing repressed emotions and old patterns. For this reason, working with horses is an incredibly powerful way to accelerate the healing journey. Connecting with horses allows you to bring things to the surface that otherwise might be difficult to process. Combined with energy healing, drumming and movement, it is then possible to move through these emotions with ease.

Two hour private sessions with horses are facilitated by Shelly Burton and Wendy Golding, Founder of Horse Spirit Connections. They are available as single sessions to existing clients, and in packages of three for new clients.



To mark major life transition points, in person sessions can be upgraded to private ceremonies. These will help you move on from a painful loss such as a miscarriage, a relationship ending or the death of a loved one. They are also great for demarcating your entry into a new life phase, such as starting a new career or choosing to live from self-love. This service can be booked for individuals, couples, families or large groups. 



House clearings are a powerful way to reset the environment of your house. Looking for a fresh start and to maintain balance at home? A house clearing might be for you. This service can only be performed if all members of the household are present. This is because the energy of the house is affected by all those who live in it. The intention is to create a profound shift from the inside out for all parties and to uplift space itself. 



Is your animal hurting and you're not sure why? Are you looking to improve your relationship with your animal, so you can return the love he or she gives you? Animal communication sessions are a powerful way of connecting with the emotional reality of your pet. As pets often mirror their owners, Shelly will work with you and your animal in tandem to bring balance and wholeness to both of you; leading to a transformation in relationship. Request an interview below to receive this work.



How long does it take to feel change?

Samhara Energy Medicine supports you to make changes in your life from the inside out. Changing patterns takes time and commitment. That being said, there are simple things you can do to accelerate your progress. First, decide that you are going to heal (this is super important). Then, commit to consistent sessions and let yourself appreciate your progress. Post-session, allow yourself time to rest and integrate the insights you’ve received into daily living. The more you commit to shifting your inner dialogue, the faster you will heal!

After three sessions, you will be clearer and on higher ground. If you commit to the twelve month Freedom Journey, and do your homework, you will receive optimal results.


How much time should I allow for my session?

Deep emotions can come up in our work together. Sometimes, as we approach the 60 min mark, your body may be in the middle of release. If this happens, it’s important that we have time to work out the emotion out fully. This will ensure you are grounded before leaving, and ready to go back into world. 

15 min of buffer time is therefore recommended after each session. If we do need to extend our work, a 10 min grace period will be gifted to you. Additional time will then be pro-rated.

I will always keep you in the loop as we approach the 60 min mark. If your body needs additional time, pending schedule availability, you will have the option to continue.


Is there recommended aftercare?

Following your session, please allow yourself time to rest (24 hours is ideal!). You may be tired as your body integrates the energetic upgrade it received. This process is parallel to a computer slowing down when upgrading its software. To best support your process, I recommend:

  • Taking the rest of the day off.
  • Journaling about your experience.
  • Walking in nature, if time, weather and energy permits.
  • Enjoying an epsom salt bath or scrub before bed. 
  • Eating vital foods and greens . 

It’s also ideal to let yourself sleep in the next day (10 hours of sleep is what many clients need). I strongly recommend absolving from alcohol or recreational drugs for 3 to 4 days after your session (or always!), as these will only hinder your healing process.




For your convenience, packages can be broken into custom payments plans. For in person sessions, credit card, email transfer or cash is accepted. For distance sessions, credit card, PayPal or email transfer is accepted. HST applies to prices.



24 hours notice is required for cancellation or changes, or the full session fee will be charged.



I am not able to take appointments more than 5 min early. For late arrivals, you will have my full attention for the remainder of your slot.



Pending schedule availability, we can extend a session to fully meet your needs. After a 10 min grace period, the extra time will be pro-rated. This will allow us to go deeper into an issue or to answer any questions that have come up for you.



If a check in call is needed for additional support between sessions, this can absolutely be arranged. If you are mid-program, calls are billed by the minute on a pro-rated basis. Calls outside of a completed program are billed at the regular rate of $222 per hour.