Why Horses?

Horses are prey animals, so they are constantly scanning the energy of their environment to ensure they are safe. In fact, their survival depends on their ability to feel what's around them. They instinctively move away from emotions that feel "predator" like, and towards ones that feel safe or "herd" like. They can show us our subconscious emotions, and teach us the way to authentic connection in our lives.

 Shelly Burton drumming with Peter and Pippy as part of her healing with horses practice in Erin, Ontario.

Activate your heart

Horses' hearts are five times bigger of ours, and beat more slowly. When we are with a horse that is relaxed, it slows down our heartbeat. We begin to feel calm and peaceful. This is why many people report feeling better around horses. As the electromagnetic field of their hearts extends 25 feet outside their bodies, the benefits of being with horses can be felt from a distance. 

 Shelly Burton enjoying the company of Pippy and Bruce, part of our healing with horses herd.

Emotional Mirrroring

Horses instinctually respond to the energy they feel. This means they act as emotional mirrors. In facilitated exercises, a horse may mirror barriers to authentic connection in your life. We will work through these with the support of channeled wisdom. Your heart will receive exactly what it needs from these loving animals.

 Bruce and Peter, part of our healing with horses herd, protecting energy medicine woman Shelly Burton.

Feel acceptance

When working with horses, it's ok to have emotions like sadness, fear and rejection come up. The horses accept us fully as we are, without judgment. They only ask that we are honest about what we are feeling. They teach us to accept our emotions, and that it's ok to have them. As long as we are honest about what we are feeling, connection can be built. Horses help us drop the masks we learned to wear, and get back to our true selves. Vulnerability becomes a strength. We are liberated.

 The healing with horses herd coming in for a session.

Belong with the herd

Horses can see 350 degrees around them. They cannot see directly in front of them, or directly behind them. This means that their safety exists in the herd. When horses are together in a group, they have eyes in all directions. They can help us learn how to live in connection with one another.

 Shelly Burton, energy medicine woman, and her horse Peter journeying into wellness on healing lands.

Ground in Nature

Being in cities, with busy days, traffic, concrete and electronics, can disconnect us from our Earth. Without this rooting, we can short circuit and end up stuck in our patterns. 

Horses live in connection with the land. By reminding us to feel, drop into our bodies, and reconnect with Mother Earth, they bring us in the now. From here, we can manifest from our power and remember our true nature.

Horses carry the wisdom of healing in their hearts, and offer it to any humans who possess the humility to listen
— Unknown

Private sessions

Experience the magic of working one-on-one with a horse to build a heart connection with them. Receive energy healing and channeled wisdom to amplify your journey. Find yourself through the love of a horse. 

All new clients begin with a 3 session Horse Medicine program, or a one-day Horse Power intensive. One session can be helpful and groundbreaking however it often takes more that one to create change and lasting results. Powerful emotions can arise and our continued work together will support you while you shift and release. 


Horse Power

  • The fast track to change.
  • Experience a full day of healing with horses that includes channeled wisdom, hands-on energy healing, intention setting and sound therapy with Shelly.
  • Find your breakthrough and soak up the soothing environment of nature in one day.
  • 10 am - 3 pm, with 1 hour for lunch.
  • 15 min check-in call with Shelly, one week later to review your progress.

$888 + HST. Add a friend, partner or family member for $222 + HST.

If you are traveling from abroad, the barn is located 35 min from Toronto Pearson International Airport. Accommodations are available 10-12 min away at the Forks of the Credit Inn or the Millcroft Inn and Spa.


Horse Medicine

  • A steady climb to your breakthrough.
  • Over three sessions, connect with different horses as they each offer you their unique medicine.
  • Increase self awareness, and embody a new level of confidence, connection and clarity.
  • Dig deep in your healing and note your progress each week.

Three 90 min sessions for $333 each + HST.  Payment plan available for a one-time $20 fee. 



  • Existing clients only.
  • Taste the medicine of horses.
  • Deepen your private session experience with Shelly.
  • Learn how your energy reflects into the world, and allow the horse to guide you into a greater connectivity with love.

90 min session for $350 + HST. Available at a reduced rate for those in the Medicine Walk or Freedom Journey programs. 



Catalyzing concussion healing with hOrses

Through reducing the emotional trauma associated with longstanding head injuries, healing with horses can catalyze concussion healing. 

In July 2018, I am launching a unique seven week program to utilize the healing power of horses to relieve the trauma of persistent concussion symptoms. This program will mark an important stride forward in changing the face of concussion healing, by circumventing the treatment limits of biomedicine through an integrated mind-body approach to trauma relief.



What will Happen in a private session?

We will start with a check-in and set intentions for your session. Then, you will learn about the healing power of horses and how to interpret their behaviour.

After a grounding meditation, you will meet the herd in the barn without touch or talking. This silent connection is meant to deepen awareness of your body and intuition. You will observe how you feel with each horse, and what you notice about their nature.

We will then choose a horse that you feel connected to and work with it one-on-one. They will be loose in a large pen, which we will enter together. 

You will learn how to approach the horse in a way that invites friendship and honours boundaries. You will be guided into a heart connection with them. In this process, the horse may mirror subconscious emotions which are barriers to connection in your life. These could include fear of rejection or looking for love outside of where you are. We will work through these with the help of channeled wisdom and energy healing.  You will end up with a horse that accepts you into its heart, when it has free choice of where to move.

You will leave with an embodied understanding of how to receive authentic connection in your life. 


I am afraid of horses, can I do this?

It's not uncommon to feel afraid of horses' size and power. Collaborating with them on the ground, with an understanding of their language, can help you build new levels confidence. Facilitated exercises will help you reconnect with your true power, and understand how to use it.


Do we ride the horses?

No riding is involved in sessions. 


Do you work with children?

Yes, sessions are available for children ten years of age and up.


Can we work with my horse?

Shelly is available to work with you and your horse(s), to deepen the heart connection you have with each other. Please contact us for more information.


Where are you located?

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 11.18.15 AM.png

Sessions occur on a beautiful private farm in Caledon, ON (1 hour from Toronto).


Will you travel to my horses?

I am available to travel around the world, to deepen the heart connection between you and your horse(s). I can help you understand behavioural challenges, let the horse become your teacher, and open a whole new way of interacting with them. Horses are here as your healer! Let's unlock their medicine together. Contact me to learn more.