Shelly Burton

Founder & Chief Evolutionary Officer


Shelly Burton is the visionary creative behind Samhara Energy Medicine™ and a testament to the power of energy healing. In 2006, Shelly suffered a traumatic brain injury that challenged her life for 8 merciless years. She healed herself through energy medicine and consistently making life choices that aligned with her body’s intelligence.

Shelly holds a Masters in Medical Anthropology from Oxford University and an Honours B.Sc. in Biomedical Science from the University of Guelph. Her Samhara Energy Medicine™ system is recognized by the Canadian Examining Board of Healthcare Practitioners, the Canadian Reiki Association, and the City of Toronto. She is a highly sought after practitioner who has hosted workshops at the prestigious Soho Farmhouse in the UK, and has a cast of worldwide clients from New York to Los Angeles, London to Paris. 

Shelly believes the human creative spirit can triumph all adversity and that healing our world begins with healing ourselves. She advocates for a global reawakening to the wisdom of the body.


Mikaela Moretti

Client Services Director


Mikaela is happy to assist with your booking needs! She gracefully handles program and scheduling enquiries, invoicing and social media accounts. Mikaela’s love of natural healing modalities stems from her experience as a Reiki Practitioner and yoga instructor. She brings a grounded, calm and warm energy to each customer experience. Mikaela is a Master’s of Marketing student at RMIT Australia and has passion for rehabilitating wildlife.

She works remotely from Australia.