Allowing Your Dreams to Arrive on the Material Plane


Allowing Your Dreams to Arrive on the Material Plane


This channeled text unlocks the way to becoming resonant with the frequency of your essence. This is where our true dreams lie, and ones that will actually fill us with love. Over the course of 8 short chapters, you will be gifted keys to understanding your superpowers, in terms of your ability to bring into the world that which fuels you. 

  • Format: E-book
  • Length: 44 pages

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Text Sample

"...The most fundamental aspect of allowing your dreams to arrive here is the ability to access your heart—its frequency—and to let it live in you, through you, with you. 

The heart is a vastly misunderstood part of your body. If your heart does not beat to a steady rhythm, you don’t breathe, you don’t live, you don’t get to be on this plane anymore. The heart goes through a natural expansion and contraction. This innate movement, steadiness, pulse, is what brings life into existence. But many of you forget that there is an underlying essence in the heart. What makes a heart move? Can anyone explain that? “Oh, it just moves on its own,” you may say. No. Think more deeply. What makes a heart move? 

A spirit vibrating at its essence—at the rate of its essence—propels your heart to move. Your essence is not stagnant. All of the universe pulses with expansion and contraction. This is natural for life, for how could something know itself if there is no way to relate to itself through expansion and contraction in a steady flow. When expansion and contraction are balanced, life can form. Life can exist. It can get to know itself, for there is contrast to know itself from. 

Your heart expands and contracts to a rhythm. To its essence, which pulses through it."