Private Sessions

Deepen your relationship with your horse as it mirrors emotional blockages and heals them through its love, alongside channeled wisdom and Reiki. Learn about your horse’s emotional needs, and how to respond to them, through an energy reading.

Being a great rider comes down to having an excellent feel for your horse. A Horse Medicine session will help you connect with your horse’s heart, and deepen your feel for them at an emotional level. Continued sessions will help you remove barriers to connecting with their love at a deeper level, and in the process be a healing session for you!

Farm visits occur year-round at appropriate facilities.

The Details


Horse Medicine

Connect with your horse more deeply through a private session with Shelly

  • Ask questions about your horse and received channeled wisdom as guidance, to better understand their emotional needs.

  • Discover how to connect with your horse’s heart and deepen your feel for them.

  • Learn how to distinguish between the horse’s emotions and your own.

  • Experience Reiki, channeled wisdom and medicine cards.

  • Choose a theme and benefit from custom exercises developed in support of it.

  • Let your horse be your healer

$350 per hour, with a 3 hr minimum per day ($1050).

The three hour minimum can be completed as three 60 min sessions, a three hour intensive, or six 30 min mini-sessions. Travel fee may apply. HST included.

I could ride [my horse] for 45 min a day, and do that for a couple of weeks, and not know him as well as I do after this half an hour [with Shelly]… Horse Medicine is a useful tool for getting to know your animals and maximizing your potential.
— Amy Millar, Olympic Show Jumping Rider