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Full Moon Goddess Circle

  • Misfit Studio 761 Queen Street West, 3rd Floor Toronto, ON, M6J 1G1 Canada (map)


An evening dedicated to self-love, the essential foundation for building our inner warrior and strength.

On this Full Beaver Moon, we invite you to join us for an intimate gathering of Sisters. We will commune and share the power of the circle, to unite us in a time when emotions run high and our bodies are calling out for release.

We will be examining how to transmute the energy of repression, self-doubt and feeling demeaned through self-love. What does it mean to dig deeper when we are pushed, or disrespected? How can we use challenges to our value to go bigger and respect ourselves more? How can we stand up for what we declare as our standards as women? How can this all be done from a place of love, and positive affirmation of our worth?

This is a time of women’s fire rising. Can you feel it in you? Reconnection with our own source of love, that which stems from within us, is vital to our ability to stay strong and centred in who we are. From this place of connection, we begin to master our ability to ride the waves life brings us. We begin to redefine our future, by holding what’s possible for us. We begin to speak from the positive knowing of the care, respect, love and kindness our souls deserve. We become the change.

Join us if you feel the call to co-create a positive future. Goddess warriors of love, unite! It is powerful times we are in.

The evening will be guided by Energy Medicine Woman and Oxford University graduate Shelly Burton. Channeled wisdom, crystal bowl sound healing, drum rhythms and written exercises will steer the journey. Li Samadhi will amplify your strength and self-love through medicine music and mantras. Please note that you will have the option to share your experience with the group. Confidentiality is absolutely respected.


A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.
— Diane Mariechild


Full moons are a time when emotions surface to clear. This moon exerts a stronger pull on the waters of the Earth, and raises the tides. We are mostly water, and in many Native American traditions the water is associated with the emotional body. So the full moon is exerting a stronger pull on our emotional body, bringing what needs to clear to surface. 

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The Beaver Moon is traditionally celebrated in Native American culture as a time when beaver fur was at its perfect stage. Beavers were revered as a powerful spirit animal, who held a strong medicine. They are the builders of their own life; something we all strive to be,

"It is a time to prepare for the calm and quiet of the impending winter. It is a time to bring all things to a point of rest. Finish up on the projects of the summer and fall. As our friend brother bear, and sister squirrel are nestling down in to the winter slumber, now is a perfect time to do the same. It becomes a time of quiet self reflection and internal peace. As the winter begins to set in, it becomes a time when we shall honor ourselves with meditation and silence. As the hectic summer days of activities slow to a stop, we are reminded by nature that we should slow down and store up for the winter sleep.

The time for rest is soon at hand, this is the last moon of action for the year, so don’t wait to do what needs to be done. Gather all the herbs, flowers, and other items that you will need through out the winter and get them put away for when they will be needed and not available in nature."

- Source


Shelly Burton, Founder of Samhara Energy Medicine and Oxford University trained medical anthropologist, will be your guide.


Li Samadhi will be offering medicine music to activate your soul's memory of strength. Her angelic voice will stir you from the depths of your soul.

Li Samadhi's angelic voice and rhythm making.

Channeled wisdom by Shelly Burton. 


Date: Saturday, November 4, 2017

Time: 8 - 10:30 pm. We begin promptly at 8 pm.

Location: Misfit Studio, 761 Queen Street West, 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON M6J 1E7

Reciprocity: $44 Advance (available until 6 pm on Nov 4th) / $55 Door + HST

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