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Full Moon Ceremony :: Beaver Moon

  • 4 Wellesley Place Toronto, ON, M4Y 2K4 Canada (map)


Building our way home

In this full moon ceremony, honoring the “Beaver Moon”, we will explore how to build constructive pathways through life from the ground up. The beaver spirit informs us that to build solidity, we must create with steady and unwavering intention. So too our lives require having the right intention, materials and know-how to navigate building the life of our dreams. 

Building starts from a clear mind.

As we prepare to delve to deep into the solitude of winter, we will also be exploring tools for “quieting the mind”. These include wrapping up the loose ends that hold us from entering our creative space, and the vast expansiveness that happens through stillness. 

Our ceremonies are a unique time to recharge, rejuvenate and reconnect. The evening will weave together drums, dance, channeling and a gentle yoga flow into a beautiful celebration of community, healing and wisdom. 

We hope you can join us.



Shelly Burton  I  Raja Rhythmics  I  Elisha Arthurs

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Date: Nov 14  / 16

Time: 7:30 - 11pm, doors close at 8 pm

Location: 4 Wellesley Pl, Toronto

Exchange: $60 advance, $75 door. By invitation only.

Wear comfortable clothes. Treats and tea will be provided.


Brought to you by:  Align & Shine

About the Beaver Moon:

"It signified a time when the beaver fur was at its most perfect stage. If the hunters did not gather by the next moon the beaver would be sleeping, the swamps would be frozen and you would no longer be able to trap. They were valued for their beautiful hides. Both waterproof and warm, they also supplied an oil that was prized as a hair protector. Native peoples revered them as a great spirit animal and they held big medicine. They were the builders of their own life. Something we all strive to be.

It is a time to prepare for the calm and quiet of the impending winter. It is a time to bring all things to a point of rest. Finish up on the projects of the summer and fall. As our friend brother bear, and sister squirrel are nestling down in to the winter slumber, now is a perfect time to do the same. It becomes a time of quiet self reflection and internal peace. As the winter begins to set in, it becomes a time when we shall honor ourselves with meditation and silence. As the hectic summer days of activities slow to a stop, we are reminded by nature that we should slow down and store up for the winter sleep.

The time for rest is soon at hand, this is the last moon of action for the year, so don’t wait to do what needs to be done. Gather all the herbs, flowers, and other items that you will need through out the winter and get them put away for when they will be needed and not available in nature."

- Source

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