By helping relieve the stress, loneliness, frustration and despair that can accompany persistent concussion symptoms, Horse Medicine can help you start to feel better. In 2020, I am introducing a powerful 12 step program to give those suffering from long-term concussion symptoms the chance to find emotional relief through horses and energy healing.


Executive summary

1000s of Canadians who have suffered multiple hits to the head are debilitated by lingering concussion symptoms, for months or even years. Struggling with physical symptoms: exhaustion, dizziness, noise and light sensitivity with no end in sight can lead to mental health challenges like depression, despair, loneliness and even suicidal thoughts.

Emotional trauma can result from sudden injury, with sufferers in denial or shock about what is really happening. They may feel powerless, anxious and angry about their current state. A loss of identity (e.g. an athlete who cannot return to compete), confidence and sense of control over one’s destiny can severely alter the landscape of one’s life. The tendency to isolate oneself can further exacerbate mental health challenges.

The solution often prescribed by doctors is “rest and gradual return to activity”. However this isn’t enough in many cases, because 10 to 15% of concussion victims struggle with the impact of multiple head injuries for months, or even a lifetime!  

Often, a more responsive solution is needed that addresses the emotional complications of severe concussions and opens the door to an improved quality of life for those suffering from this largely invisible injury.

Horse Medicine can fill this treatment gap with with Feel to Heal equine therapy and energy healing. Research has acknowledged equine therapy’s success in reducing trauma amongst children and war veterans. The healing power of horses can similarly reduce the emotional trauma associated with long-term concussion symptoms. Energy healing expedites understanding of the emotional roots of trauma and changes the script. Alleviating the burden of trauma, through Horse Medicine, reduces stress and frees up energy for physical healing.


A powerful 12 step Concussion Relief program, launching in 2020 will be located at Adena Springs North in Aurora, Ontario. Progress will be measured by success indicators developed in collaboration with top neuroscientists.

horses as Healers

Horses are great teachers because they have an innate ability to read body language and emotion in a way that ensures their survival. What does that mean exactly?

Horses offer immediate visual feedback about our emotional state. This makes it easy to talk about emotions, because we can translate them into the language of horse behaviour.

Working with horses is an easy way to get comfortable with emotions and to relieve the stressful ones. Horses help clients accept painful feelings and replace them with comforting ones that accompany the rich experience of connection.



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Long-term concussions symptoms can severely limit one's ability to work, putting high quality horse therapy beyond the means of many who need it. Programs bursaries can make much-needed support accessible. We are fundraising for bursaries with the hope of making them available.

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