What will Happen in a private session?

We will start with a check-in about what's happening for you and set healing intentions for your session. Then, you will learn the basics of horse medicine and how to interpret their body language.

After a grounding meditation, you will meet the herd in the barn without touch or talking. This silent connection deepens your bodily awareness and tunes you into what you are feeling with each animal. You will write down what you notice with each horse and pick one that you connect with. 

Then, we go outside with your chosen horse and set him or her free in the round pen. The horse will have freedom to choose if it wants to stay with you, or move away.

Before entering the pen together, you learn how to respect the horse's space, and how to ensure the horse respects yours. We then review some safety rules, and come back to your intention before entering. After experiencing a channeled message, with my support, you will step towards the horse and learn how to create a beautiful heart connection with him or her. In this process, the horse may move away from you, or nudge at certain parts of your body. When this happens, we will work with the horse to clear any fears, stress or old wounds that surfaced. I will support the healing process through reiki and channeled wisdom. As the fears and bodily tensions release, you will be able get closer to the horse and find a magic pocket of connection together, where the horse wants to be with you. You'll enter a timeless space of reciprocity where heart energy is exchanged. Tears may fall as you do so.

We will close by you thanking the horse. You'll leave with you body feeling nurtured, your heart full, and your soul touched.


I am afraid of horses, can I do this?

It's not uncommon to feel afraid of horses' size and power. Connecting with them on the ground, with the help of a teacher, can increase your confidence and demonstrate how easily you can overcome fears. Facilitated exercises will help you accept fear so that it no longer becomes a barrier in your life, or one to connection with the horse. Horses can also help you access a new level of power within you, and learn to be comfortable with having it.


Do we ride the horses?

No riding is involved in sessions. 


Do you work with children?

Yes, sessions are available for children aged eight and up. For children aged five to seven, modified sessions can be done with a parent or guardian.


Where are you located?

Sessions occur on a beautiful private farm in Caledon, ON (1 hour from Toronto).

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Is there accommodation nearby?

Accommodations are available 10-12 min away at the Forks of the Credit Inn (recommended) or the Millcroft Inn and Spa.


What's the nearest airport?

The barn is located 35 min from Toronto Pearson International Airport.



I am available to travel around the world, to help you build a deeper heart connection with your horse(s). In our work together, you will gain insights about the roots of behavioural challenges, experience your horse as a teacher, and develop a heart-centred relationship with him or her. Ready to experience the magic? Contact me to learn more. I promise your horse will love it just as much as you do!