Pollyanna Blanco

Samhara Energy Medicine Practitioner

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As a Samhara Energy Medicine Practitioner, Pollyanna helps you find clarity and rekindle your creative essence. She offers high vibration hands-on energy healing, energy transmissions, movement, soul charting, ceremony and space clearing to support you in rediscovering your inner truth and the joy of expression.

Pollyanna envisions a world where we each find greater freedom through our inner work and healing, so we can truly honour our unique creative inspiration, trusting its guidance, as we contribute, as conscious creators, to a bright, new world.

She has held ceremony with the Maya and has taken her Shamanic Munay-Ki rites. Pollyanna is also a Licensed Chakradance Facilitator, an Ascended Numerologist, and a Holistic Transformational Travel Retreat Leader who holds a Hon. B.A. from the University of Toronto, as well as B.Ed from OISE/UT.

Pollyanna is a member of the Canadian Reiki Association, IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists), and a licensed Holistic Practitioner with the City of Toronto.

Private sessions



Sessions can be in person (in the Junction, Toronto, ON), or from a distance (over the phone, FaceTime or Skype). Each session includes the gift of notes, where possible, to help you carry key insights forward. 



One session can be helpful and groundbreaking however it often takes more than one to create change and lasting results. Powerful emotions can arise and continued work with Pollyanna will support you while you shift and release.

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Chakra Balance

All new clients start here. This introductory 3 session program allows you to unblock your chakras and access your creative power. 

  • Heal the emotional roots of longstanding challenges.

  • Realign your energy centres

  • Learn practical exercises to balance your chakras

Three 60 min sessions for $165 per session. Payment plan available for a one time $20 fee. Price includes HST.

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Single Session

For clients who have completed the introductory chakra balance program only. Ideal for those who need a quick energy tune-up.

$175. Price includes HST.


Pollyanna is a truly gifted, intuitive healer. She provided me with an all-encompassing holistic experience, combining Reiki, channeling (transmission), crystals, sound, and aromatherapy. I felt all my senses engaged. She was able to effortlessly hold space with such kindness and compassion. I felt seen and heard at once. Her transmissions provided clarity during a turbulent time. I was energized and floating from the energy work for days.
— Vincent Martins, Thai Massage Energy Work Practitioner
Pollyanna was very kind, supportive, and compassionate. She was able to hold space for me to really be with what I was going through and able to guide me intuitively. Our work together was very profound in 3 sessions we had and I would recommend Pollyanna to anyone who needs guidance and support in their life.
— Michelle Lall, Holistic Nutritionist, LALL Nutrition


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