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New Moon Medicine Dance

  • Toronto Yoga Mamas 1402 Queen Street East Toronto, ON, M4L 1C9 Canada (map)


An evening to celebrate the New Moon in Aries. Join us in sacred circle to deepen your inner listening through channeled wisdom, crystal bowl sound healing, Kundalini eye gazing, African drumming and Medicine Dance.

The new moon is a dark phase where the lunar cycle begins. We are asked to go inwards and set intentions for our lives…. what new beginnings are we calling in?

As the moon moves into the fire sign of Aries, we will set the space for you to listen inwards to the wisdom of your body. This is critical to do to create a life of health, wellness and joy… and yet can be so hard to do in our fast-paced, task oriented society where it becomes easy to disconnect from nature, and in turn our nature. We are not meant to be drones, following along hoping to one day feel good…. NO! We are magnificent intelligent beings, with health encoded within our bodies…. that we are allowed to trust! If we slow down, listen to and navigate by our inner maps, we will end up in a place that feels like home.

Aries is symbolized by the ram, and it has the qualities of strength and determination to move forward. The invitation of this ceremony is to slow down, quiet the mind and connect with the whispers of your body…. so that you can move forward in alignment with it!

Image by @goddess_rising

Image by @goddess_rising


The evening will begin with smudging and intention setting for the phase ahead. Then, we will gather in sacred circle and relax as your bodies and spirits are nourished by the harmonious sounds of crystal bowls. The sound waves will wash over your body, and amplify the channeled teachings of Shelly’s guides, on the theme of inner listening. Your body will be attuned to a new understanding and energetic frequency as you rest. Restriction gently releases, as you lift higher in frequency. Your body replenishes in a deep rest.

Next, feel safe to be seen and unveil through a kundalini eye gazing exercise.

From there, warm up your body to gentle African rhythms. Be serenaded by a Medicine Dance performed by Shelly. This dance is similar to that performed by High Priestesses and traditional healers in certain African villages. Her body enters into a trance state, as it is guided by the healing melodies of the drums. Your body will be activated by a potent energy channeled through her movement, and will be inspired to let loose (seriously we have had people who had never dance before find the freedom to move!). You’ll dance and laugh barefoot… as the incredible Friday Night Drummers take you on a musical journey, anchored in the heart. You’ll find permission to be more present in your beautiful body… as you flow at your own pace. A ritual to honour your choice to listen within will close the movement phase. The evening will conclude with a crystal bowl sound bath and gratitude circle.

Shelly Burton and the Friday Night Drummers warming up.

You will leave feeling lighter, connected and liberated. These events will raise your vibration, and point of attraction in your life! They are a place to let go, have fun and connect with community in a heart space. Grab your tickets while they last!

You are welcome by yourself or with friends.


The new and full moons are a time of heightened emotion. This is due to the interconnected nature of the moon, water and our emotions. At the new and full states, the moon exerts a stronger gravitational pull on the waters of our planet leading to higher tides. Our bodies are mostly water and in many Native American traditions, water is associated with the emotional body. The new and full moons can therefore can be said to exert a stronger pull on our emotions.

When this happens, fear, sadness, anxiety and more can surface to release. Healing ceremonies provide an important space to share about our experience, be uplifted and let go as we step into a new cycle! We move forward feeling lighter, supported and empowered.

In astrological terms, the moon is a feminine planet associated with our intuition and subconscious. Healing with the moon cycles helps us take time to listen to our intuitive selves. This is important to do in our fast-paced world, where it’s easy to get trapped in your head! Turning into our bodies allows us to recognize what we truly need and plan our lives accordingly. Whether you are male or female, we each have a feminine, intuitive side. Ceremonies offer a time to honour this part of us, and let it inform the route ahead.

Creating space to listen inwards with the moon cycles will amplify your healing journey and deepen your connection to your body’s wisdom. By syncing with planetary rhythms we can find our own rhythm of self-care.

Image by @madisonperrins

Image by @madisonperrins


Shelly Burton

Shelly Burton, Founder of Samhara Energy Medicine™ and Oxford University trained medical anthropologist, will be guiding the ceremony. Through hands-on high-vibration energy healing, sound therapy, movement and energy transmissions, Shelly uses her Samhara Energy Medicine™ system to help you restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit and release traumas that have manifested as physical or emotional blocks so that you can rediscover your essence.

Burton holds a Masters in Medical Anthropology from Oxford University and an Honours B.Sc. in Biomedical Science from the University of Guelph. She is a highly sought after practitioner who has hosted workshops at the prestigious Soho Farmhouse in the UK, and has a cast of worldwide clients from New York to Los Angeles, London to Paris.


Friday Night Drummers

The incredible Friday Night Drummers will be providing Medicine Music for the evening! Be prepared to move to their beautiful and intricate West African drum rhythms. Learn about the history of each song and the significance of drumming in community building for West African cultures.

It takes true masters to drum Medicine Music, blending rhythmical proficiency with the heart’s frequency. In this space healing is created.

The Friday Night Drummers in action.

The Friday Night Drummers in action.


This ceremony is recommended for those with a foundation of inner healing work, as it can open the doorway to a deep emotional release.

Please note that the drums are powerful and, in combination with the Medicine Dance, they can awaken buried emotions for healing. If tough emotions start to surface as part of the cleansing process, Samhara Practitioners will be available to support you. Please ask for help if anything uncomfortable comes up. With continued work together post-ceremony, the emotions that may surface will clear and you will feel as if a great weight has lifted. Following the ceremony with private sessions will allow you to receive the full benefits of the experience.


The ceremony will be held at the love infused Toronto Yoga Mamas on Queen St East. We are honoured to welcome you into this high vibrational space.

“A performance for the Gods”
— Emmanuel Jal (Former child soldier, Juno nominated music artist & peace ambassador) on Medicine Dance
[Shelly’s] New Moon Ceremony was a truly authentic and creative night for me. I have been to new moon ceremonies before, but none quite like this. There was this wonderful mix of ritual, self-reflection, and seeing and being with each other. I felt very welcome in any state. A deeply creative and vital force was alive in the space with us. I felt very honoured to have come across it!
— Rachel Lipton
The New Moon event was such a magical experience and a powerful time of change for me so it was perfect to set new intentions. I loved dancing so freely to the exotic rhythm of the drums and tribal music and receiving [Shelly’s] healing energy was an unexpected gift. The people, the space, the energy, the was an amazing time, thank you!
— Lori Bateman


  • 6:45 pm: Arrive check in (lobby) + enjoy tea + smudging

  • 7:00 pm: Doors open, intention setting + opening circle

  • 7:20 pm: Crystal bowl sound bath and channeled journey

  • 7:50 pm: Kundalini Eye Gazing

  • 8:10 pm: Medicine Dance + African drumming

  • 9:00 pm: Sound bath with head wrap + closing circle

  • 9:30 pm: Event ends - everyone out promptly!

Schedule may be subject to slight change.


Date: Friday, April 5, 2019

Time: 7 - 9:30 pm. Please arrive early to register with the front desk and enjoy tea in the lounge. Doors to the ceremony room open at 7 pm, and there will be no late entry!

Location: Toronto Yoga Mamas, 1402 Queen St East, Toronto ON, M4L 1C9. The entrance is on the west side of the building down a pathway

Exchange: Book early as seats are limited to ensure intimacy for the group!!

  • $77 Early bird (until 11:59 pm March 21 with code “DANCE”).

  • $88 Regular. Available online until 4 pm Apr 5. A few tickets will be available at the door, unless event is marked SOLD OUT.

Prices include HST. Wear comfortable clothes. Tea will be provided. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.