ROC is bringing a new rhythm to the world.

Rhythm of Change (ROC) links youth across borders as a creative force for positive individual and social transformation. Our mission is to awaken the next generation's potential to make a difference through a new wave of meditation, healing with horses, drumming and dance programs.



Around the world, there are areas with especially high rates of youth violence. The Bronx. Kingston, Jamaica. Mumbai, India. The favelas of Brazil.

ROC believes that what's missing are inspiring and relevant pathways for youth to connect with, and live their full potential.


Therefore ROC WILL

  • Cultivate and celebrate youth's creative brilliance towards making a difference
  • Spark constructive collaboration between youth from all backgrounds and places
  • Inspire a positive shift in youth artistic culture



I. ROC Creative Centres

ROC will establish a new wave of creative programs that offer artistic, healing and community outreach programs for youth. 

In our creative spaces, youth will come together, constructively engage with each other, and learn drumming, meditation, dance and experience healing with horses.

Young people will be guided by locally respected artists. Youth will collaborate with their peers to develop their talent, and to share their gifts with their community. Our events will take place in nature, giving youth a chance to get outside the city.


II. ROC Voice Network

The innovative ROC Voice network will facilitate constructive interaction between global youth. This multimedia platform will connect ROC centre participants into virtual conversations with youth from partner programs in emerging areas worldwide.

The participating youth will explore the similarities and unique aspects of their cultures and lives, towards the building of common ground. This will help broaden perspectives on the world and inspire youth to new possibilities.

ROC Voice will allow youth from different places to co-create positives songs, dances, videos and other art forms. The creative products of this process will be shared with the world.

In this way, ROC hopes to awaken the next generation's potential to make a difference.




Our first centre will be established outside of Toronto, Canada and will be linked with similar existing programs: the Preston Arts Centre (Preston, Nova Scotia, Canada) and the Breakdance Project Uganda (Kampala, Uganda).

We will then expand across Canada and eventually to emerging areas around the world.



Inspired by research at Oxford University, ROC is a social enterprise founded by Shelly Burton and world percussionist Rahul Bader.

The innovative research focused on b-boying, known to many as breakdance, as a peace building tool between former child soldiers and civilian youth in Uganda. It demonstrated the power of the creative process, within a particular value structure, in effecting dramatic individual and social transformation.


ROC TOronto Launch

We are raising funds to launch our first Rhythm of Change youth project in Toronto in the Summer of 2018. It will be an 8 week program for youth aged eight to fourteen, involving meditation, healing with horses, drumming and dance.

In this program, youth will learn to reconnect with and express themselves through heart-centred activities.

For more information on the workshop please contact Katrina MacGibbon at


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Moved by our vision? We would be honoured to grow it with you.