Raja Rhythmics

Founder of Trinity Bellwoods Drum Circle. Creative Partner.



Rahul Bader (aka Raja Rhythmics) is a teacher, performer and composer with an emphasis on fusing eastern and western musical elements. He blends his passion for world percussion with melodic elements of flute and natural soundscapes, to create his healing music. On the performance side, Raja is a flute player and world percussionist who has performed at such venues as the Drake Hotel, Danforth Music Hall and the Sony Center. As a world drummer he focuses on East Indian rhythm and African Drumming. He studies tabla under Toronto-based Sanjay Verma, a student of the great Ustad Zakir Hussain. Raja has also recently acquired the Hang Drum/Handpan to further his passion. He is the founder of the Rhythm Collective (Simon Fraser University, 2005-2008) and the Trinity Bellwoods Drum Circle (2013-present), which is Toronto's largest drum circle. Raja Rhythmics currently teaches drumming and flute out of his recording studio in Toronto. He holds a BFA in Music from Simon Fraser University.