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Medicine Circle

Awaken your power to heal your life, through high impact teachings from the guides I channel.

 Find your freedom through weekly energy transmissions as part of our Samhara Circle.


Jumpstart your week every Monday with an energetic upgrade. Receive consistent wisdom offerings to help you navigate the challenges of being an empath, turn your sensitivity into a superpower, and step into your brilliance. Access to weekly energy transmissions and monthly new moon webinars will help you rediscover your essence and harness the power of the lunar cycles for healing. You will receive tips on how to live in your heart and make practical life decisions that honour it—which is the path to joy. We look forward to welcoming you into our hearts and witnessing your blossoming. 

Earth Healer

  • Receive weekly doses of spiritual medicine through channeled teachings from my guides.
  • These teachings, called energy transmissions, will help you step into your healed, loving and powerfully present self. They are potent and timeless messages with the potential to activate codes of deep healing within your cellular body's memory.
  • Energy transmissions are delivered as audio recordings to your email inbox.
  • Each dose of medicine includes an affirmation, to say daily over the coming week, to activate the belief that you are as incredible as Spirit's love knows you to be.
  • Bonus: Sign up and receive a complimentary copy of my e-book"Allowing your Dreams to Arrive on the Material Plane

$22 per month

Star Being

  • VIP Level
  • All features of Earth Healer and additional personalized access to Shelly's services.
  • Inclusive of monthly webinars online at the time of the new moon.
  • Monthly access to a Q&A with Shelly's guides.
  • Coming soon!

The best reminder of what your essence feels like is to move to the impulses of your heart.
— Shelly Burton