Why Horses?

Horses are prey animals, so they are constantly scanning the energy of their environment to ensure they are safe. In fact, their survival depends on their ability to feel what's around them. They instinctively move away from emotions that feel "predator" like, and towards ones that feel safe or "herd" like. They can show us our subconscious emotions, and teach us the way to authentic connection in our lives.


Activate your heart

Horses' hearts are five times bigger of ours, and beat more slowly. When we are with a horse that is relaxed, it slows down our heartbeat. We begin to feel calm and peaceful. This is why many people report feeling better around horses. As the electromagnetic field of their hearts extends 25 feet outside their bodies, the benefits of being with horses can be felt from a distance. 


See your Reflection

Horses instinctually respond to the energy they feel. This means they act as emotional mirrors. In facilitated exercises, a horse may mirror barriers to authentic connection in your life. We will work through these with the support of channeled wisdom. Your heart will receive exactly what it needs from these loving animals.


Feel acceptance

When working with horses, it's ok to have emotions like sadness, fear and rejection come up. The horses accept us fully as we are, without judgment. They only ask that we are honest about what we are feeling. They teach us to accept our emotions, and that it's ok to have them. As long as we are honest about what we are feeling, connection can be built. Horses help us drop the masks we are learned to wear, and get back to our true selves. Vulnerability becomes a strength. We are liberated.


Belong with the herd

Horses can see 350 degree around them. They cannot see directly in front of them, or directly behind them. This means that their safety exists in the herd. When horses are together in a group, they have eyes in all directions. They can help us learn how to live in connection with one another.


Ground in Nature

Being in cities, with busy days, traffic, concrete and electronics, can disconnect us from our Earth. Without this rooting, we can short circuit and end up stuck in our patterns. 

Horses live in connection with the land. By reminding us to feel, drop into our bodies, and reconnect with Mother Earth, they bring us in the now. From here, we can manifest from our power and remember our true nature.

Horses carry the wisdom of healing in their hearts, and offer it to any humans who possess the humility to listen